1. Cindy

    I totally agree! Whenever I’m experiencing something hard that’s my motto. And thanks for sharing that beautiful view! I love you sis❤️

  2. We live pretty near the ocean but seldom go there because of the crowds. Maybe now is the time to enjoy a less-populated shoreline. My husband and I have taken a few neighborhood walks and we’ve enjoyed doing some gardening too. This will pass and, in the meantime, there’s a lot to do and to enjoy.

    • We have beautiful mountains nearby, but no oceans, so it’s always a treat to take a beach vacation. The spot we go to in Mexico is still mostly private homes and small establishments, so the beach is not too crowded. I found that quiet little spot to record in the middle of a sunny day. Walking and gardening sound lovely. It’s still a bit cool here for gardening, but we could definitely put coats on and go for a walk. I’m going to have to find other ways to move, since my gym is closed for the time being. As you said, this will pass, and in the meantime, it is a good opportunity for rest and spending time with immediate family or to get projects done around the house.

  3. Hi Christie, love the videos and I live about 100metres from the ocean. Each morning I walk onto my balcony and enjoy the view with my first coffee. It makes me happy and grateful especially at this time when there is so much stress and anxiety around the world. Thanks for sharing some positivity with us at #MLSTL and enjoy your holiday break. xx

    • I thought of you, Sue, when I was drinking my coffee by the ocean this past week. It really is so soothing. I also loved opening the window and falling asleep to the sound of the waves.

        • It’s wonderful to hear that you still experience such gratitude for something that you see so often. That’s how I feel about our beautiful mountains. Every morning when I head to work, I take in the view. At times, if the sun hits them just right, or they are covered in snow, it can take my breath away. We are blessed, indeed.

  4. We often use the phrase “this too shall pass.” Thank you for sharing your present moment. My present moment includes daffodils and loving family. Who could ask for anything more. Thank you for sharing your smile and your view, Christie. ?

  5. You look so happy Christie! And why wouldn’t you be, when you’re at the beach. I love being near the ocean. Thanks for your positive words. We all need to look to the future at the moment. I agree, this too shall pass. #MLST. Sharing

    • These are trying times, Jennifer, but also a chance to draw closer to our immediate families or to get to know ourselves better. A time to rest and self-nurture. If I focus my attention and energy on the things I can control…and release everything else, it helps.

  6. Hi Christie – lovely seeing you enjoying the sunshine and beach. “This too shall pass” is a favourite saying – along with appreciating the “now”. There is so much panic and selfishness around us atm and I choose to look past that and focus on kindness and peace. Keep enjoying that lovely spot you’re in.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM ?

    • Thank you Leanne. We did enjoy the beach and our friends there. If anything, it was made sweeter knowing what we faced when we returned home. I am doing my best to focus my attention and energy on what I can control and looking for the positives and the lessons to be learned in this situation. Best wishes to you and yours!

  7. Tis nice to get out and enjoy the sun wherever you are, including the beach. It’s two or so hours from me now but I don’t mind at all – even when I do get there, I virtually never swim (unless it’s in the tropics or Asia) as I’m a wimp and hate cold water. Lots of other lovely things outside at all and lots to visit other times.

    • We didn’t swim either, Christine. We did enjoy walking the beach, looking for sea glass, listening to the ocean, and watching some beautiful sunsets. As you pointed out, there are so many lovely things to enjoy outdoors.

  8. The ocean is always my go to place, in good times and bad. We live twenty minutes away and visit there at least twice a week. Sunshine, wind, sound of the waves, seagulls, it’s all very comforting and reassuring. Schools are closed here and my happy place is being invaded by families. I don’t mind sharing, but getting a parking space is quickly becoming an issue. Take care.

  9. Lovely and so true. this moment is all we have. Thanks Christie for sharing this glimpse of ocean. I moved from the east coast of America where I lived right at the oceanfront to the beautiful mountains of the desert southwest. I love it here, but at times miss the ocean. It was a real treat to see the ocean wherever that was. Xxx’s. Visiting from #MLSTL.

  10. Lovely to see and read. I know I have been more stressed over this latest world wide crisis but…then I gave myself time to think about how well I did (over time!) when I had to watch and wait for my various cancer treatments to be done. So, I am fortunate to have a full fridge and pantry right now, a loving husband, excellent housing and lots of activities and hobbies to choose from…including blogging.

    Sending wellness wishes to you and yours.

    Denyse. #MLSTL

    • Confidence in your abilities is a huge part of resilience, Denyse. Knowing that you have it within yourself to survive the waiting, and with your grateful attitude for all you do have, you will do just fine. I also am fortunate to have food (and toilet paper) in the house, a good husband, and the ability to work from home. I am also extremely grateful for technology and the ability to connect with loved ones near and far while keeping a safe physical distance. Take care!

  11. Sadly, emotional eating is one of my coping skills. So apparently, I am not terribly skilled at coping. I often react impulsively, too. Another poor way to cope. But after I get done stuffing food in my mouth and running around doing impulsive things, I can usually begin to dig my way out of whatever is plaguing me or troubling my life. And when the storm has passed, I cry.

    What a beautiful backdrop you had today. Thank you for sharing.

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