1. Cindy

    I completely agree with you, there’s more good than bad out there.

    I lost my purse at a ski resort years ago. Someone turned it in and they called me to come get it.

    Little things are coming to mind as far as kindnesses. Like having one item in a grocery store and someone telling me to go ahead of them. The gas station attendant will give me my drink for free occasionally. Little but thoughtful.

    • Thanks for sharing these experiences, Cindy. I once lost my day planner, which happened to have plane tickets in it at the airport. They also got turned in, just in time to make my flight. Those other little day-to-day kindnesses make such a big difference. I try to remember that and do them for others as well.

  2. Despite all the negativity we are bombarded with daily, I also think most people are good and honest. I can’t imagine you or me – or any of your blog readers – doing anything other than what that women in the theater and the good samaritan on the street did. Yes, there are bad people out there (I’ve run into a few of them, unfortunately) but most people wouldn’t consider someone else’s possessions to be their own. I’m glad everything worked out.

    It sounds like your husband may want to re-think that wallet 🙂

  3. I’m not liking the vibes associated with that wallet, but the kindness? Yes, I think we need to be reminded every so often that there is more good than bad in this world. My boss has a habit of losing his wallet – and his phone and more besides (another story) – but has been fortunate on a number of occasions to have it returned. Except for when he was pickpocketed in Rome. Not that time.

    • I know, Joanne. You can be sure that wallet is no longer in use! It was pretty wonderful that we had two good people watching our backs. In truth, I have been the recipient of not so kind as well, but even then others stepped up to make things better. When my children were young, and things were financially tight, we were burglarized right before Christmas. We had insurance, but it wasn’t replacement cost and it was too late to do all the shopping again. Our whole neighborhood stepped in to make sure the children had the best Christmas ever! Many of the children shared their own gifts. It was very touching.

  4. What are the chances of losing it and having it returned twice in one night! I love this story for the example of positive humanity it shows. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love these kindness stories, Christie. I have two recent examples: Last month I found a yoga mat towel that a woman left behind in the yoga room. We go to the same yoga class so I gave it back to her at our following class. She said it was a gift from her best friend and was so happy to have it back. About two weeks later another woman forgot her shawl at our movie club night. I went looking for her but she already left so I gave it back to her the following week. She said it was a hand knit gift from her niece and was so happy to have it back. It made me feel good to return the items to their owners. #MLSTL

    • That is so sweet of you Natalie. Of course, I’m not surprised that you would do that, but it’s especially heartwarming because what may have seemed small gestures at the time turned out to be sentimentally significant to the owners of those items. It feels good to be kind, doesn’t it?

  6. I always enjoy these stories of kindness of strangers and have been the recipient on more than one occasion. It makes your heart sing to know there are these types of people out there. Thanks for sharing your story and have a happy week Christie. #mlstl

    • Thank you Debbie. I just remembered a time when I was a young mother driving an older car. I was checking the oil in a convenience store parking lot, and a young man offered to take care of it for me. He made sure I knew he didn’t doubt my ability but just wanted to help and make sure I didn’t get my office attire dirty. 🙂 On a couple of occasions, someone ahead of me in line has paid for my coffee or lunch. I go through fewer drive-throughs now, but when I do, I pay it forward. Hoping you a happy week full of kindness!

  7. How lovely – I’m so glad there was a happy ending (both times!) and I hope that Larry has found better pants pockets to keep his wallet in! I haven’t got any recent kindness acts to share, but I would like to say that I wish people would react from a place of kindness as their default rather than looking to be offended – maybe your kindness story will help swing the pendulum in the right direction.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM ?

    • Actually, Leanne, the wallet was retired! The leather was so smooth, it just wouldn’t stay put. I agree with you 100 percent that the world needs a kindness default. I have a mantra that I repeat to myself if I realize that my initial response is other than kindness and grace: I choose love over judgment. I include love of self in that equation. It really is a choice. Thanks, as always, for hosting #MLSTL.

  8. Really nice story and thanks for sharing. We hear of so many sad stories in regards to man’s inhumanity to man that it is so refreshing to read a story of kindness and someone just doing the right thing. #MLSTL

  9. There certainly are some wonderful people out there and we often don’t hear about them. A lot of doom and gloom on the TV. My sister and hubby are visiting Melbourne for his 70th birthday, they live in Perth. I went and visited them on Monday. Paula was telling me how Mike lost his wallet. He is in a motorized wheel chair…and he thought he put his wallet in his back pocket. No it wasn’t there. So Paula re traced his steps and there it was lying on the busy footpath in the busy city of Melbourne. No one had picked it up and no one had taken anything from it. Another time same thought it had put it in his back pocket. Some one handed in the wallet at the restaurant….all in tact. #MLSTL

    • That is pretty amazing Bree. I’m glad Mike got his wallet back both times. I believe the vast majority of people want to do the right thing. I appreciate that those are the people we ran into that day–and that your brother-in-law had the same experience.

  10. Isn’t it lovely when people surprise us with kindness, Christie? Although it is a shame that we should feel surprised. I remember going to a coffee shop and paying for the ‘next cup of coffee’ purchased. I explained to the girl that I wanted to pay for a coffee for whoever ordered next just as an act of kindness. She looked at me like I had two heads! Thank you for a lovely reminder and sharing at #MLSTL perhaps Larry needs a ‘man bag’. 🙂

    • You’re right Sue; it is sad that we are surprised when someone does the kind thing, like return a wallet. I do know it makes my day when someone buys my coffee–or when I buy someone else’s for that matter. And by the way, you’ll be happy to know that Larry got rid of that wallet!

  11. That wallet being a slippery smooth little sucker deserved early retirement!!

    I have found money and handed it in. I have found discrepancies in on-line buying where I have been under charged. I have told the store and the people look at me “wow, you are so honest”.

    Gosh, isn’t that sad? No way would I keep anything found that may have been lost or a business fault.

    Kindness makes the world a better place.

    Denyse. #mlstl

    • Oh yes, Denyse! You are correct that slippery wallet was not fit for the job. Like you, I have turned in lost items, including money. I wouldn’t dream of keeping something that belonged to someone else, if there’s any possibility of finding the owner. As you say, kindness makes the world a better place for all of us.

  12. Hi Christie,

    Amazing story of double kindness! So pleased.

    My wallet story is that when my husband and I went on honeymoon he lost his wallet, containing the bulk of our holiday money, on the first day. Being newly-weds, finances were rather tight.

    We contacted the police, not expecting to be lucky, but to our enormous relief some kind person had handed in the wallet and contents. They didn’t leave their details for us to thank them or leave a reward, but I have always remembered their kindness with gratitude.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    • Hello Joy and welcome! Thank you for sharing your story. So nice that your wallet fell in the path of an honest, kind person. That certainly gives you a honeymoon story to tell, doesn’t it?

  13. I have been the recipient of so many acts of kindness, large and small. By far the biggest was the way our many communities took care of us when our house burned down. We were able to fully furnish our new home with donations. It was amazing.

    • That is amazing, Leslie. I can’t imagine how difficult that must have been, but also how heartwarming that your community took such good care of you. When my children were young, the house next door to us burned down. I will never forget the assault to the senses a blaze like that creates–sound, sight, smell, heat–even the taste of smoke. I am so glad you survived to tell the tale.

  14. Hi Christie, wow, a lost wallet twice in one evening and returned both times! That is truly an example of acts of kindness.So many times we just hear about the negatives of people toward each other, and it is so refreshing to hear good news. But I’d think twice about keeping that wallet…I think it has legs 🙂

    • Never fear Candi–that wallet is no longer in use! It was really wonderful to have it returned twice, but we’re not going to push our luck. I’m happy to be able to share a happy ending to this story.

  15. Wow! Twice in one night – how awesome it was returned both times! The latest act of kindness shown toward me was at the store the other day. I didn’t grab a cart or basket as I was going in for just a couple items. I ended up grabbing two bags of frozen food, four cartons of Breyer’s Ice Cream (three were non-dairy and the price was too good to leave them there as one of my boys is off of dairy), and a couple boxes of cookies. My arms were FULL as were my hands (holding my wallet and cell phone). The frozen items were beginning to feel really cold on my arms. As I was walking to the front of the store, a young woman (probably age 10 or so), walked up to me with a basket and said, “Would you like this?” I stopped, smiled, and said, “Thank you so much! You’re so sweet!” Her reply was the best, “Your arms looked like they were getting frozen.” I thanked her again as she held the basket for me so I could load it up. As she walked back to her mother, I heard her mother say, “That was so nice of you.” She made my day! ~Adrienne from Gluten Free Preppers and a member of the Blogger’s Pit Stop Crew

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