1. Cindy

    Congratulations on your health challenge and your videos! I’m always impressed with your willingness to stretch and try new things. I was thinking about the people I know who are healthy and seem the most comfortable with their body’s and they are intuitive eaters. Love you!

    • Thank you Cindy. I agree with your assessment of the healthiest–physically and mentally–people being intuitive eaters. I’m not 100 percent there yet, but I can feel a difference for sure.

  2. Christie, Based on your inspiration (plus one other friend as well), I’ve just started Orange Theory. I did my 5th class today. I committed to myself to do it for a full month. So that is my big new thing!

    I really like the term “play food” versus cheat food. My challenge with food continues to be portion size, especially combined with eating out. I truly love food, and want to try the appetizer that sounds so amazing… and the salad… and the main course…and wine. Then I am stuffed. A full weekend of that negates all those OTF workouts!

    • I’m glad to hear that you are trying Orangetheory, Pat. After a month, I was hooked. I’ll be interested to hear what you think. As for the eating, portion control and listening to my body is my biggest challenge at this point as well. I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

  3. Hi Christie I have been really interested to hear how your intuitive eating experience was for you. It sounds to me like a perfect plan for life. I might even take it on as a challenge in 2020. You know how I love a challenge. Congratulations on your videos. They are great and you do them so well #MLSTL Sharing

  4. I’m glad you’re doing so well Christie and that you’re discovering how to have a healthy relationship with food – plus that whole thing of stopping when you’ve had sufficient (always hard when the food’s delicious!)
    Now I’m home all day I have to be careful to steer away from the pantry and head to the fruit bowl instead, but I’m finding that the reduction in stress in my life has meant a reduction in comfort eating and a reduction in my weight – win/win!
    PS I quite like brussel sprouts with butter and pepper!
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

    • Thank you for the encouragement, Leanne. I do feel healthier overall. I asked the brussel sprout question because I used to think I hated them, but then I tried some smaller ones roasted with butter and loved them. Perhaps I had just never tasted them cooked properly.

  5. Well done! I’m down 10kgs now – that’s 22 lbs.I’m not really dieting but watching portion sizes and not drinking wine during the week. My fave play food? Dumplings. Because we don’t have great dumplings where I live I’m restricted to having them when I visit Sydney or Melbourne – and then it’s a social occasion too – which is another good thing. As for brussels? Cooked well I really enjoy them – although used to gag on them when I was a kid. Mind you, that’s because Mum used to boil them for waaaay too long..

    • Hello Joanne! Dumplings sound delicious. I haven’t had one in ages. Special occasions and special food go together in my book. I agree with you on the brussels. I was just saying I always thought I disliked them, but then I tasted them roasted and well-seasoned, and I loved them.

  6. Great work Christie! I can relate to looking over menus obsessively before eating out and trying to find the ‘best’ thing but often not the most enjoyable. I am more relaxed now and haven’t had too many issues so far. It’s a much better relationship with food which is a win/win in my book. As to brussel sprouts – that’s a no from me! I like the idea of ‘playfood’ but can’t think of an example at the moment 🙂 #mlstl

    • I agree, Deb, a more relaxed attitude with food is a win/win. I used to say a big “no” to brussel sprouts also, but then I tried some small ones (I think that’s key for me. It seems to change the texture some.) roasted just right, and they were delicious.

    • There is something that happens when you ditch the deprivation or scarcity mindset. When I know I can have a cookie or a plate of pasta any time I want, it’s easier to pass them up when I don’t really want them. It does take a little time (for me at least) to get away from eating everything on my plate, because it tastes good. Part of intuitive eating is also giving up the obsession with the scale or body size. Health, of course, matters, but the truth is I’m not any less healthy at 5 pounds over my “ideal weight.” If my biometrics (blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.) goes downhill, I would definitely have to rethink the process. I guess my next annual exam will give me plenty of time to see if there’s any effect that way. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Amy.

  7. Hi Christie, way to go! It sounds like your mindset has made the adjustment to intuitive eating and your body has responded well. Congrats on the gain of skeletal muscle mass. That is huge when in midlife. I think letting the guilt go when you eat the ‘play’ foods is a positive change, too, as you already know what is good for you to eat and choose those foods often. I am much the same way. And I’m much the same way with wanting to overindulge on the play foods more than the healthy choices! I slap my hand away most of the time, though. 🙂 p.s. a big ‘nay’ to the brussel sprouts

    • Hello Candi! Thank you for the encouraging words. I’ll be interested to see how the intuitive eating serves me through the holidays when I am surrounded by play foods! I have always voted ‘nay’ to brussel sprouts until my sister was raving about these roasted brussel sprouts at a particular restaurant. I tried one and it was good. They were quite small, cooked just right, and well seasoned. So now it’s a hesitant ‘yay’ depending on how they are cooked.

  8. Great results, Christie! “Relationship with food” speaks volumes. I love the phrase “intuitive eating.” It does not seem to enter the media, likely since it isn’t a fad diet. I admire your courage with vlogging. You come across, genuine and natural. You are inspirational, Christie. Keep it up!

  9. Pushing away from the plate when there is still a morsel left on it is tough for me. Some of it is due to my upbringing and those hungry children in China I was reminded of when I didn’t clean my plate. Good job, my friend on your transformation challenge. Hope you will continue vlogging. I hope to get back to it after our trip back to KY-OH.

    • I heard about the starving children in China too. Also, I grew up in a big family where the “good stuff” didn’t last long, so you ate it while you could! I’m sure that’s part of my challenge today. I know I overate yesterday, but it’s not really Thanksgiving if you aren’t stuffed, right? Thanks for the encouragement on the vlogging. Have safe travels and I look forward to your next video. I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

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