1. I have always loved the thought how every single person is a miracle. Just the odds of being born on our planet. I read an interesting book recently written by a highly skilled, science based, knowledgeable, astronaut. He made a similar point and I agree with you. Thank you for your feel good, beautiful words. 🙂

  2. Hi, Christie – Our thoughts are currently in the same place (this seems to happen frequently). Richard and I were just discussing how neither of us seldom speak of regret. If we change even one small event in our past, we change the future 100- fold. All roads have led me here (including my parents meeting when they were both dating someone else). D For that, I am forever grateful. Thank you for your uplifting post.

    • I agree 100 percent, Donna. There are things I could have done different…better even…but at what cost. I, for one, am grateful that your parents met and had a family together, which produced you, my friend. All my best to you and Richard!

  3. This is beautiful, Christie. I just recently mentioned to my husband what a mistake it was for my parents (both now deceased) to have seven children together … but it was NOT a mistake, as you point out, it truly is a miracle. And I am sincerely thankful for that miracle, unseemly as it may have been.

  4. That was beautiful Christie – as a Christian I always see God’s hand in the design of our universe – right down to the individuality and uniqueness of each little aspect of creation. I love how we’re all different but share a common humanity – it’s the connections between us that reinforce the miracle of who we each are.

    • Thank you Leanne. All life is a miracle. Larry and I have been watching some nature programs recently, and the diversity of living creatures on this planet is truly incredible. Our connection with each other and all living things is what makes this life so precious.

  5. The facts of creation blow my mind. The intricacies of our working bodies and minds are beyond amazing. A Miracle indeed.
    Our Julie would like us to feature this post in the next Blogger’s Pit Stop.

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