1. Thanks for the virtual tour. We are still in lockdown so I am afraid we could not go siteseeing in person yet. However I am sure you would enjoy visiting Bath and seeing the Roman Baths and the Jane Austen Centre. If you were feeling energetic we could hike the six mile Bath skyline walk.

    • Wow, Anne, I looked at all three of these destinations online, and I definitely want to experience them in person one day. I actually really enjoyed my virtual visit, so thank you for that.

  2. I love everything about this post, Christie. A tourist in your home town is an often forgotten adventure, yet a great idea. We have been to Utah and explored Zion National Park a few years ago. Spectacular scenery and hiking areas. We did not visit Temple Square or Utah Olympic Park. An excuse for a return visit. I could fill many pages about a visit to The Island. One day, you may make it happen.🙂

  3. Cindy

    I’ve lived in Utah my entire life, and I think Temple Square is the only one of the 3 I’ve been too. I think if we go to your new Southern Utah home for girls trip, we should definitely go on some hikes at Zions National Perk!

  4. I’m always interested to see where other bloggers live Christie – lots to see where you are and quite an interesting variety that you’ve shared with us – I’d love to see the skiers practicing their jumps – certainly not something you see here in Western Australia!

    • Thank you Leanne. I do live in a beautiful state…if I do say so myself. Watching the skiers was fascinating, certainly outside my wheelhouse. 😊 I’d love to hear one place I should visit in Western Australia.

  5. Hi, Christie – I’ve been fortunate to have been to all three local destinations that you have highlighted here. Next time that I am out that way, I will definitely PM you to have coffee together. You have wonderful travel right on your doorsteps!

    • Hello Donna. It is surprising how much I have yet to see in my own state, let alone the rest of the world. I know there are many lovely hiking trails in your area. Is there anything else you would recommend I visit, if I were there? And, of course, I would love to have coffee with you. I hope you are out this way in the not-too-distant future.

      • Hi, Christie – In your area, if you have not yet been to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, i highly recommend it. They offer incredible tours. You can also volunteer for just an afternoon, or longer, whatever you have to spare when you are there. They are located in Kanab. Their website is: https://bestfriends.org/sanctuary.
        I have been fortunate to explore most nooks and crannies of Vancouver Island, but I have not yet been to Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria. It is now high on my list! If you come out this way, I suggest giving yourself lots of time, and ensuring that you have a car with you. Then you can simply explore from Victoria to Tofino to Mt Washington, and many other quaint places in between and beyond!

        • I have heard of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Donna, but have not been there. When the pandemic is over, we will definitely check it out! Thanks for the suggestions on Vancouver Island. I plan to be there one day for sure!

  6. I live at the Jersey shore. A couple of interesting places is the town of Cape May – lots of interesting and pandemic-safe places to see in town – the Victorian homes and the beach (a flat expanse great for walking). South Jersey is also famous for the Pine Barrens, with parks for hiking and calm waters for kayak or canoeing.

    • Hello and welcome Meryl. I have not been to Jersey, which is a shame, because I have a good friend who is living there now. The places you suggest sound lovely. I can’t wait to travel again! In the meantime, I’ll check it out virtually. Thanks for sharing your home town with us.

  7. I recently recommended a host of places for a fellow blogger to visit in my hometown. It’s a different perspective when you look at it from a tourist viewpoint.
    Sadly in the UK, we are still in full lockdown, so no heading beyond our town recommended. But being in the beautiful town of Whitstable on the North Kent (UK) coast, is just perfect for visitors… Original shops, small working harbour, beach huts and even a quaint pub literally on the beach. I love where I live and feel blessed to be here.
    As for Utah… I have absolutely adored every visit I have made there. Sadly though, having lost my brother in a cliff fall at Grand Staircase National Monument a few years back, visits now take on a different meaning xx

    • Whitstable sounds lovely, Kate. I’ve never heard of it, but now I will add it to the places I must visit post-pandemic. It sounds perfect. I am sorry to hear about your brother. Sudden loss of a loved one is always hard, and to have it happen in such a traumatic way, only makes it more difficult. My heart goes out to you. My younger brother was killed by a car as he walked his dog down the sidewalk in broad daylight. It was such a shock. May we both be comforted by the many happy memories and the love we continue to carry with us.

  8. My second favorite ever trip was Southern Utah! [First on my list was our African Safari.] It’s a trip I would love to repeat some time … we did 2 weeks. including Arches, Canyonland, Natural Bridges, Capitol Reef, Bryce, and Zion. My favorite 2 were Arches & Bryce; Tim’s were Zion and Capital Reef. In Zion was one of my best ever hikes – Angel’s Landing. Arches’ Devil’s Garden also on my favorite-ever hike list.

    I am actually putting a Tourist in own Town list together for our new place in Florida! I want to visit neighborhoods, parks, and just get to know the place we’ll be calling home. If you were to visit Cincinnati, I’d focus on the walking the Riverfront, Findlay Market, and Eden Park. I will miss the city a bit!

    • An African Safari sounds amazing Pat. We’ve been watching a series called Dynasties that has highlighted several species in Africa and some in India. Such beautiful creatures. I’ll be looking forward to your Florida suggestions and have made note of Cincinnati. I checked them out online and would love to see them in person.

  9. I love this list! I have been to Temple Square several times. Both parks are on my list to visit the next time we’re in Utah. Adrienne from Gluten Free Preppers and a member of the Blogger’s Pit Stop Crew

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