• That’s the spirit, Kristin. We just keep going. Hopefully, you are enjoying the things you are doing and making those intentional decisions about how to spend your time. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  1. I’m working on my own winter activities list and am stuck on a few, thinking they just will not happen. I’m trying to feel OK letting them go.

    I love the rocks from your hike! I got a rock from the Garden Club meeting I went to – joining the local Garden Club is both a new thing for me and on my winter activities list. (I’m thinking the rock will be the picture in my next post – inspired by you.) I’m also reading some gardening books as well – trying to learn about our new climate – coastal and almost tropical. And making a list of gardening projects for after we are fully moved in. I lost more than 50% of the things we planted last year, some because we were not here to deal with watering as needed, some due to flooding. So I don’t want to plant too much more new until we are here more full-time to manage. And also really trying to understand what’s native, which has higher probability of survival!

    • I also have trouble not checking everything off the list, Pat, but sometimes we plan too much or circumstances change…or we change. I trust you will figure it out. I’m looking forward to your post featuring the rock from the Garden Club. That sounds like a great new thing considering you are settling into a new environment. I’m afraid we may have lost a few of our plants too, but I can’t be sure they won’t come back until spring. I love the yuccas though. They look as spectacular as ever! Here’s to the final month of winter and finishing as many of our activities as we so choose!

  2. Liz Gwynn

    That trail looks so fun! I’ll have to take Elsie on that hike when we’re able to travel to southern Utah (oh… To travel again…)

    We tried the beans and brews egg bites as well, and I did not like them either. Starbucks definitely takes the cake on those.

    And great job saving the spider! That’s something I struggle with too, but I’m getting better.

    Elsie and I made a big sledding track when it snowed so much the other day, and it was so much fun! I haven’t personally done that in a long time!

    • Hello Liz. Aspiration Trail would be perfect for your cute family. Be sure to paint some rocks to leave! When you are traveling again, and want to make that trip, let me know. If our house is available, you are welcome to it. We may even have a swimming pool by then. The sledding track sounds lovely. To be honest, I’m glad we missed the storm, but the photos looked beautiful, and it made your fun adventure possible. And, of course, we need the moisture. Enjoy this final month of winter!

  3. Good on you for saving a spider! (They provide wonderful, free pest control.) 😀
    Your list of ’60 things to do before turning 60′ is very inspiring.
    I love Roughwighting and Annika Perry’s blogs. Great choices!

    • I know this to be true, Donna (about the spiders). I have a hard time with spiders, because I am afraid if I leave them in the house, they will crawl on me (maybe even bite me). I’m scared to pick them up and take them out, but I certainly don’t want to kill them just because I’m afraid. It’s a challenge, but I overcame! As for the new blogs, I believe I found at least one of them through a comment the author left on your blog, so thank you for that.

  4. I love your list and following along on your journey accomplishing all of the items on it. That trail looks so lovely, especially with the views of the red hills in the distance. I already follow Roughwighting but I’ll have to check out Annika Perry’s blog. Thanks for the tip!

    • It was a spectacular view, Janis. We’re lucky to be surrounded by beautiful trails in Southern Utah. If I recall, I found Roughwighting through a comment the author left on your blog. Sometimes, I like to click on the commenters to see new blogs. This time it really paid off. Thanks.

  5. Cindy

    Good job on your bucket list sis. I especially like reading about your acts of kindness. I haven’t really done anything new for awhile. I did try a new wine I really like, and I’m watching some new series’ on Netflix, does that count? 😉

  6. Hi Christie – I love that your list is full of fun little things – nothing earth shaking or too hard to conquer – just things that stretch you a bit and would bring joy with them. I loved that trail you hiked with all the little rock messages – the perfect example of being stretched with joy.

    • Thank you Leanne. I’m all about the little joys right now. As an added bonus, it turns out trying new things (even simple ones) is good for your brain. Next week’s blog is going to be all about those benefits. Before the challenge is over, I hope to stretch a little further with going someplace new or taking a class or trying a new skill, but in the meantime, this works. Our hike up Aspiration Trail was perfect…perfect weather…perfect company…perfect views.

  7. This post makes me smile. What a fabulous idea to sprinkle painted rocks about that trail. I would love to get that started here. I think I will pick a trail and start leaving painted rocks on it, each time we visit. Need to find a quick, easy couple of patterns to paint!!

    Could we just get together and share a couple of those winter lagers? I am still enjoying the Christmas beer we bought, 2 six packs!! PC decided he didn’t care much for them but the spicier the better for me. Would love to try pralines and cream cold brew. I bet it is yummy. Have you ever tried bleu cheese crumbles drizzled with honey? So good!!

    Yay for saving the spider. You have such a sweet heart. I have been trying to leave good reviews for those who really go out of their way, too. For example at Mom’s apartment complex, we have encountered so many wonderful people who just want to help her. Praise God!! And we had a delicious massage that I need to review, too. Thanks for that reminder.

    • I’m glad the trail inspired you Leslie. I think it’s a great idea to get something started in your area. Some of the rocks were elaborately painted (obviously by artists), but many of them were simple, some inspired by the shape of the rock…lemons, hearts, Pac Man. Some just had words written on them…inspirational messages or funny sayings. It was great!

      I plan to meet with you in person one day…either in Texas or Utah…and we will share a beer, or coffee, or wine. I have not tried any of those brews you mentioned, but would love to. Perhaps we’ll have a beer tasting!

      I also have been making a point of leaving good reviews where warranted, especially for local companies and small businesses. I love that you were able to see your mom recently and that she has wonderful people to help her through this time. And, of course, a good massage is always welcome.

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