1. Shauna Rasmussen

    I have the following answers to your questions:
    My favorite job, yet most challenging at times, was doing quality control at American Express. The day to day work was fairly mundane, but there were monthly reports that had to be completed that stretched me to the limit. My first year at the job I would actually panic if my partner was out when those reports were due. Once I finally felt confident enough on my own, I actually enjoyed that stretch. I enjoyed researching the various errors that we were finding in the data, teaching the procedures to the employees and vendors, and was rewarded with their improved quality of work.
    My most unusual job was not that the job itself was unusual, but our name for it: we referred to ourselves as “cow punchers.” I worked for a company in Provo (actually EMI just picked up their dental insurance) DHI Computers, that did the data entry for dairy herd production. We typed in the milk weight for each of the cows in a herd as they were reported to us.
    Since I have been in the business world all of my career, I wish I had gone into business rather than education. In my job at American Express I realized I enjoy getting in and finding what caused an error. For years I wished I had gone to school to be a paralegal. That is my dream job. Either that or being a ballet dancer.
    When we are retired I would like travel a little, do family history, but mostly I would like to serve a mission with my husband. There are so many missionary opportunities for couples that I would like to spend some time serving my Father in Heaven.

    • Thanks for sharing that Shauna! I learned some new things about you. I never knew you were a cow puncher! 🙂 Or that you wanted to be a paralegal or ballet dancer. Perhaps you’ll get a chance to combine travel, family history research, and missionary work into one big, beautiful retirement one day. For now, I love having you on my team at work. See you soon!

  2. Cindy

    I guess I’m not very career minded. I love the idea of dressing up in nice clothes and heels and having a big office with a view, but when I try to picture the work I draw a blank.

    I guess my dream job would be getting paid big bucks to be a mom and grandma. The monetary pay sucks!

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