1. That’s a very fun and fulfilling list! Can’t wait to hear about your book. You’ve inspired me to write some down for myself. I made plans to attend a pickleball camp in March. I’ll also start planning another hike in England for later in the year. Along with that, my diet will focus more on fruits and veggies as snacks. And I want to make meditation a more routine part of my day. Relationships: Work on being less judgmental. Oh, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d love for you to visit my lonely little blog at http://www.snoringdogstudio.com. And thank you for all these great ideas.

    • Hello Jean! That sounds like a great list. I’ve been hearing a lot about pickleball recently. I need to study up, so I know what it is. I love hiking, but have never been to England. I’ll be watching for pics later this year. Good luck with your winter plans and ENJOY! I’ll definitely stop by your blog before the day is out.

  2. Hi Christie – I like your cheerful header photo and how your bucket list covers the areas of importance to you. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones! I look forward to sharing our updates a month from now.

  3. Liz Gwynn

    What a great winter bucket list! I actually don’t have one, and I don’t really intend to make one, because we will be up to our eyeballs with moving house. That being said, I LOVE your idea of taking the 20 or so seconds each time you wash your hands to breathe and refocus. I think that will come in handy (pun really not intended) for me as well.
    Happy winter!

    • Moving is a big enough goal for one season, for sure Liz. Make sure to pause and catch your breath once in a while. I can’t wait to see you and the family at the holiday celebrations. I love you!

  4. Great list Christie – it’s good to have goals that one enjoys. The simple mixed in with the more complex …

    I don’t have a winter bucket list – we’re in the middle of summer and while on holiday I hope to walk every day or at least every other day on the beach as part of my health regime.

    • Walking on the beach sounds like tough duty, Susan. 🙂 I’ll be indoors for most activity this winter. We either have snow, which makes the walks treacherous, or if we don’t get storms, the inversion sets in and the air quality gets bad. That also forces me back indoors. Thankfully, I have a couple of gym options close by. Enjoy your holiday and the summer.

  5. What a great idea! I’ve already worked out my writing plans for 2019, and am still in the midst of deciding my ‘word of the year’ from a list of several. But I’ve never thought of a Winter Bucket List. Winter is NOT my favorite season, so my main goal usually turns into one word – survive! (Not the healthiest of attitudes!)
    I’m going to ponder on this, as Grandma used to say, and come join you at the party.
    Thanks for a great idea!

  6. Merry Christmas, Christie –
    Once again you have a very inspiring Bucket List. I especially like your idea of visiting one new blog a week. Yesterday, I discovered a new-to-me food blog that I became very engrossed in. I made one of the recipes (Slow Cooked Tuscan Chicken and Vegetables). It was easy, healthy and delicious. You may wish to add that blog to your list. The author gives lots of suggestions for ingredient substitutions which I especially liked. https://sweetpeasandsaffron.com.

  7. What a great bucket list! You have inspired me to create one for myself. Great co-hosting with you at the #BloggingGrandmothers End of the Year Link Party 2018

  8. Sounds like a great list you have there. I haven’t made one, maybe it’s time I did. Thank you Christie for linking up and co-hosting with me at the #BloggingGrandmothers End of the Year Link Party 2018!

  9. Good luck with everything on your bucket list. I like that you’re going to use washing your hands as a signal to kind of pause and take things in! Good luck querying agents! I did it years ago, but 2019 will HOPEFULLY be my year of getting back into my WIP.


    • Thank you Lauren. So far the hand-washing prompt has really worked. If nothing else, I take some slow, deep breaths several times throughout the day. Good luck to you us in 2019 on our writing projects!

  10. First of all, welcome back!!! So glad to have you joining us again. Missed your mug.
    I remember the Ice Castles from last winter. CANNOT WAIT to see photos this year. I know you were disappointed at not being able to make it happen last year and so was I!!

    I think I remember that you enjoyed a beach family vacay last year, too. Do you always go to the same place? Both of my daughters are recently back from separate trips to Mexico. I am in dire need of some warm beach time myself.

    Bravo to you for having your book ready for the next step. Just today I got something from hopewriters asking who was looking for an agent. I wish I could raise my hand on that.

    Thank you for returning to bucket lists!!! So glad to have you on this journey with me.

    • Thank you Leslie. I am happy to be back. Larry and I go to the same B&B in Mazatlan once or twice a year. I highly recommend it. This June, we are taking the whole family–children and grandchildren–so we rented a beach house just a couple doors down from our usual spot. It should be a good time!

  11. Hi Christie

    Basically, I’d like to just keep the status quo. I’m enjoying my retirement and each day if filled with so much I barely get it done now. I am going to keep my exercise routine going, put more attention to my blog and curl up with a couple of good books.

    Happy New Year

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