1. Hi, Christie – My husband watched this program when it aired and shared the key takeaways during one of our morning walks. In my husband’s version, we are currently doing all of the right things (we eat very little red meat, eat lots of berries, take long daily walks, stay connected with friends and family (usually via technology) and delight in learning new things. Still, I know that we can do much better. Although we don’t eat heaps of sugar or processed foods, we eat way more than we need. They are next on my list to deal with!
    Thank you for sharing this very insightful post.

    • Hello Donna. I would have to agree, based on what I know of you, you and your husband live a brain-healthy lifestyle. Of course, there is always room for improvement, but you do have to leave room to enjoy the occasional indulgence. I know at my house we eat too much red meat, so I set that as my focus for the month. I threw in eat more berries, because I love them! Any excuse will do.

  2. Cindy

    Good food for thought, thanks! I don’t think I’m terrible at any of these 3 things, but I can always do better. I’ll be more aware them this month and that will help me improve.

    • Hello Cindy! From what I know, you eat pretty healthy. As you said, there is always room for improvement…of course, leaving room for the occasional indulgence. I’m happy to have you join me in being aware of eating habits that can promote brain health.

    • That is wonderful, Leanne. I used to eat a lot more processed foods, considering I took a frozen meal for lunch most days. Now I meal prep on Sundays, so I can have homemade lunches throughout the week. We still use things that come in boxes or cans, but I pay attention to the ingredients at least, looking for those that have the most natural ingredients.

  3. Hi Christie, based on the five things you listed, Malcolm and I are doing things mostly right. We eat more red meat than we should, but we rarely, if ever eat processed food. Our diet is pretty much just meat, fish, chicken, eggs, low-fat cheeses, and lots of veggies and fruit. I hope strawberries count. I personally believe that sugar is the root of all ills. We get exercise every day, challenge our minds, interact with friends and I sleep like a baby. Him, not so much. Even so, I have always been forgetful, I think it has more to do with concentration and desire to retain than memory loss. Malcolm is as sharp as a tack and doesn’t forget anything; well nothing of importance. We all misplace our keys once in a while. I love Dr. Gupta. He always shares practical things to help us live better. As do you!

    • Strawberries definitely count, Suzanne! Strawberries and blueberries are two of my favorites. You make a good point. I’m sure not all forgetfulness is due to a deterioration in the brain. Some of it is what you choose to pay attention to. Dr. Gupta is great for sharing important, complex things in a way a layperson can grasp and implement. Thank you for saying that I have shared anything that can help people live better. If I have done any little thing to make life better for someone, that makes my day.

      • Christie, I think most of us have a similar goal – to make life better, for ourselves and others by sharing positivity. If you can’t help someone have a better day, then what is our true purpose? Thanks for the reassurance about strawberries. I am a big fan of blueberries too.

  4. Well, we need to cut back on the ground beef meals. Where does pork loin fall in meat categories? I am finding it to be my favorite meat right now. It isn’t ‘red’ is it? My daughter and family are eating more HelloFresh meal kits and gave me almost all of their meat…lots of chicken. So maybe we can try to improve on our red meat consumption this month.

    We are still drinking smoothies most weekdays. Probably need to throw in more berries. I love them like you do. But they are expensive. Then again, so is poor health!!

    • I’m sorry to report that Healthline says pork is red meat: “Pork has more myoglobin than poultry and fish. Thus, the scientific community and food authorities like the USDA classify it as red meat. Also, given pigs’ classification as livestock along with other farm animals, pork is considered red meat.” I love pork too! Cutting back on red meat is going to be a challenge for me; though I do enjoy chicken, turkey, and fish as well. I am definitely a carnivore. I haven’t had a smoothie in a bit. In my mind smoothies are warm-weather food, and it’s cold here! Of course, there is no reason I couldn’t enjoy one in the winter. It’s a great way to get in more berries and green, leafy vegetables. Here’s to our health!

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