1. Connie Devivic Nokes

    I love the idea that the opposite of joy is fear. Life has taught me that joy can, and often does commingle with great sadness. When my husband died I purchased Disneyland year passes for our 4 children and me. We went every weekend, and stayed for the Electric Parade each time. We would huddle together in our love and grief for him. I basked in the temporary respite from the pressing demands of the day, content that for the moment my kids could still be kids and I could connect with something beautiful. Something he would have also loved. I think joy, love and beauty are facets of the same jewel. They remain illuminated regardless of the setting. Thanks for your thoughtful insights.

      • Connie Devivic Nokes

        As my younger sister, you have led the way for me more times then I can count. Love you, Christie. Btw, yours is my first blog to join. You’re leading the way again, haha! ?

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