1. It’s great to see you continuing your Orangetherapy. I’m working on getting to 5 activities a week. My new Fitbit is helping me track it. (Inspired by you). Last week was 4. Weather here is finally warm as well. But we’re going right into summer. The “hot & humid” weather forecast already. Spring was 5 days long.

    Best thing, my lilac bush survived the significant trim and greened up. ( new house, it had been let go too long and was covering the sidewalk). No lilac flowers this year, but it’s alive. And newly planted grass is coming in. I love the green colors at this time of year.

    • Thanks for the kind words Pat. I use my FitBit to track my exercise as well. Five days a week of physical activity is a great goal. If I inspired that, I am happy. Our weather has turned cooler and rainy, but that’s spring in Utah. I’ll just be happy if we don’t see anymore snow. And the rain is necessary for that beautiful green of spring that we both love.

  2. You had quite the eventful week! Our weather has turned a bit cold lately. I had to retrieve my warmer clothes from the off-season closet. What has made me smile? I just had lunch and a walk with a dear friend.

  3. Love hearing about your week Christie. Well done in fitting your Orange workouts into such a busy week. I know it’s not always easy but definitely worth making the effort

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