1. Heidi

    Play with the children in your life. They are always in the present and usually joyfully so…. Except when they are screaming, then I like to hide from them in the bathroom and look at Facebook.

  2. Vivian Hamora

    Children remind you not to take life too seriously and my grandchildren in particular, always snap me out of my reality checks?

  3. Hi, Christie – I agree that staying in the present can be quite challenging…especially during the holiday season. I enjoyed your tips and am now off to drink a cup of tea…slowly!

  4. Cindy in Nebraska

    Hi Christie,
    It seems that as I get older, it is so much easier to be in the “present”. I am learning more and more that every day is a gift…..and yes, my grandchildren definitely help!
    In response to your earlier reply to me, I do work in the healthcare field. I work at a hospital and I am an Administrative Assistant to our D.O.N. in our acute nursing department. Love my job!
    Gotta go…..my coffee’s getting cold! 🙂

  5. Good tips, Christie! I keep my holidays very simple. I also do a mental check in with myself and what my five senses are experiencing. By asking myself what I’m seeing, hearing, smelling, etc. I bring my focus back to the present.

  6. I agree with your tips Christie and we all need to make time to be present at this time of the year. Thanks for sharing at Blogger’s Pit Stop. Debbie

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