1. Heidi

    Play with the children in your life. They are always in the present and usually joyfully so…. Except when they are screaming, then I like to hide from them in the bathroom and look at Facebook.

  2. Hi, Christie – I agree that staying in the present can be quite challenging…especially during the holiday season. I enjoyed your tips and am now off to drink a cup of tea…slowly!

  3. Cindy in Nebraska

    Hi Christie,
    It seems that as I get older, it is so much easier to be in the “present”. I am learning more and more that every day is a gift…..and yes, my grandchildren definitely help!
    In response to your earlier reply to me, I do work in the healthcare field. I work at a hospital and I am an Administrative Assistant to our D.O.N. in our acute nursing department. Love my job!
    Gotta go…..my coffee’s getting cold! 🙂

  4. Good tips, Christie! I keep my holidays very simple. I also do a mental check in with myself and what my five senses are experiencing. By asking myself what I’m seeing, hearing, smelling, etc. I bring my focus back to the present.

  5. I agree with your tips Christie and we all need to make time to be present at this time of the year. Thanks for sharing at Blogger’s Pit Stop. Debbie

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