1. Oh, Christie, as you know this post hits close to home for us this week. Not that road rage was a part of the events of last weekend, at least not on the part of my sweet MIL.

    I used to be a very hurried, harried, angry driver. And I can still get pretty hot around the collar if I am in a hurry and no one else in the cars around me seems to be. It does help to see others as humans with lives, just trying to get where they are going. I am more patient with senior drivers now that I am one!!

    PC is 6 years younger than I am and not a senior yet, and not quite as patient as I have become in my ‘advanced’ years. I will remind him of your wise words next time I sense that he is getting angry behind the wheel.

    • I’ve been thinking of you and your family, Leslie, and hoping you will find some peace. As for traffic, I sometimes forget, but when I remember to consider the other drivers as people just like me, it does help me to be more patient–especially with beginning drivers and the seniors. I did not know you married a younger man. Good for you! 🙂

  2. It’s so lovely seeing you and hearing you Christie, you have a great calming voice and I really enjoy your videos! I had an incident of road rage (I was the victim) when I was driving in England last month and it really scared me. I’m lucky in that where I live here in my small Australian town, we hardly have any traffic, so there’s not much chance of road rage here 🙂 . Thanks for the thoughtful suggestions on how to deal with it.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Deb. I’m glad you are enjoying the videos. That’s so scary to be the victim of road rage. I’m glad you weren’t harmed. With so much else you have to deal with right now, you don’t need that.

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