1. Loved your answers! I found it interesting that you hadn’t been on a bike in so long. I guess I just assumed you were all into biking as well as running. Get that book published!! We will all help promote it for you ♥ The last song I hummed was The Star-Spangled Banner, the version by Madison Rising.

    • You know, I am reasonably fit, but not terribly coordinated, so I gravitate to walking, running, simple weight-lifting, and hiking on well-groomed trails; things like that. I’ve never been good at sports or evidently bike riding. 🙂 Great song by the way! And thanks for the encouragement on publishing a book.

  2. Hi Christie,

    I’ve tried and tried to post on Leanne’s site but can’t get it to work. So – here’s what I wanted to say:

    Great approach to use for your guest post, Christie. I’ll play.

    Last time I sang aloud – some Kristofferson tunes this week since it was his birthday yesterday.

    Last time I did something that frightened me – trying to cut a steep hill on my property with a big garden tractor. The wheels were spinning and it could have tipped so easily. Contemplating a crush injury, even death, I decided that the grass and weeds can go ahead and grow on that hill in future.

    One thing I’m passionate about – my quest to uncover and live my essential self after decades of a life devoted to work and everyone else

    Would I like to be famous – I actually was famous (very small f, not a capital one!) If by famous we mean having fans, people who would travel for a few hours to come and listen to me speak or who would buy every book I wrote and tell me that my books/speaking changed the way they taught. It was all very gratifying, but it now feels as if it happened to someone else in a different lifetime and, looking back, I was too busy to enjoy it at the time and it just had me on a quest to do more, more, more. So I have no desire to be famous in the future, although if I wrote another book and it was really well received and made a difference in people’s lives, I wouldn’t say no.

    If I won the lottery – easy. I’d host a retreat somewhere wonderful for all of my new blogging friends (you included) and fly everyone there first class for several days of fun and wellness of all kinds. I’d hire a large crew to come in and put a series of trails through my woods and clean up fallen trees (I like a neat forest which means I’m in permanent work mode when I’m walking). I’d give money to my friends to help them live their dreams, whatever they are. I would set up a foundation to support creative people – artists, writers – with the gift of a year’s salary so they could pursue their art without financial worry. With enough money, I’d set up a second foundation for simple acts of kindness – those small moments where we can do something for a stranger whether that’s buying them a cup of coffee, or paying for a massage when they’re having a rough day. I do buy lottery tickets sometimes then feel gypped when I don’t even win a free ticket for the next draw so I stop buying for a while. Maybe someday…

    • I’m sorry you weren’t able to comment on Leanne’s blog, but so appreciate you not giving up. I love your responses and wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on them. I’m glad you didn’t risk injury to cut those weeds. It’s one thing to face a fear and another entirely to face death! Now that I have read what you’d do with your lottery winnings, I rooting for you to win! Thanks again for playing along.

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