1. Jessi

    Was I the one growling and swearing during delivery? 😉 You are the best Mommy a girl could ask for! If I can be half the mom to Saira that you are to me, I’ll consider it a success! I love forever!

    Also, I think it’s time for the ripped tights and black lipstick to make a comeback!

    • No fair making me cry first thing in the morning. 🙂 I double-dog dare you to show up to work in the ripped tights and black lipstick. Maybe write something shocking across your knuckles for good measure! I can’t wait to see what fashion statement Saira makes in four or five years.

      • Jessi

        I would not be the only one dressed that way at work! Maybe I’ll write “Key fast” on my knuckles for motivation. :D. Saira already makes some pretty bold fashion decisions, I am interested to see how it evolves!

  2. Do you wonder what it will be like for your daughters when their daughters hit the teenage years? I was much like you — and my daughter was very rebellious! I think she had her hair 15 different colors all at one time — among the other challenges! She turned out beautifully in spite of all that and is an amazing Mom. BUT I do wonder now that Amara is 12 1/2 what the future holds!

    • I do. I wonder what challenges my grandchildren will face and how their parents will handle them. I also wonder what my grandchildren will be like as adults. I see so many amazing character traits in them now. When I include my stepchildren (which feel like my own), our grandchildren range from seven to 16!

  3. Very nice post and so many sentimental lines. I loved being a mother and am so happy to see that my children are wonderful mothers. I had a great one and miss her so much.

  4. We never stop being a mom and learning to step back and allow our adult children to live their own lives; only giving advice when actually asked, is really, really, tough!

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