1. Liz Gwynn

    My biggest highlight from last week was Eloise turning 1!!! What?!?!?!
    This is not relaxing per say, but we have tickets to see the book of Mormon musical this weekend and I’m SO EXCITED! Also, Kevin and I don’t get many dates, so that aspect will be relaxing.
    I prefer sun, but I love clouds too. Gotta have variation.

    • I cannot believe that Eloise is a year old. She sure is a doll!
      Have fun on your date night. I want to hear all about Book of Mormon.
      My favorite is actually blue sky with clouds — partly sunny I guess you would say.

  2. Well, I am drinking a beer right this minute to unwiind and start the weekend. Going to a baseball game this evening. We’ll see from there.

    I love clouds but El Paso is the Sun City so we have something like 350 days of sun a year. Rarely see more than an wisp of clouds. But this summer has been different…we have had a lot more rain than usual and with that CLOUDS!

    Your photos are stunning. You should frame them and make a collage of your favorites. You could always trade them out for new favs. I enjoyed the quotes, too. Great post.

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