1. Hawkes Larry

    How can I not chime in?

    Best experience in January? The 24th (no brainer)❤️
    And do I take pictures? And go back and look at them? Over 7.000 on my phone currently. And I’ve been known to have to “come back” to COSTCO’s photo desk to pick up my zip-drive after a few hours of time to transfer my photos🙄
    And my “now” grateful moment? I’m not at our home in Southern Utah where it snowed last night!!!

  2. Thank you, Christie, for sharing your Thank You Notes series with us. These posts are always uplifting, inspiring and contagious!
    Happy 22nd Wedding Anniversary (This past January 21, was Richard’s and my 21st)!

    • You’re welcome Donna. Happy anniversary to you and Richard! Ours was the 24th. It’s hard to believe two decades have come and gone! So much life lived…with any luck, so much more to come.

  3. Hi Christie, You are definitely a bright part of the internet. A great looking little bench. Hmmmm….I may consider for our entrance. Buddy is obviously well loved and I am sure the feelings are mutual. Congratulations on 22 years! I could fill up pages with all I am grateful for. At the moment, for Christie, who shares her light.xx

  4. Your thank you note posts are among my favorites. Glad Buddy was able to lure the family over for introductions. I am sure he won over everyone’s heart. Our kitties are here with only the two of us so much that they are very standoffish to anyone who comes to visit. My daughters take their coolness personally but the kitties just never see anyone.
    Beautiful flowers. That Larry kinda likes you, I think!!

    • Thank you Leslie. I’m glad you enjoyed it. You are right, Buddy stole hearts all month! He tried to act tough each time someone came to the door, but then one sniff and one head rub, and he had a new friend. Larry is so thoughtful to give me flowers every anniversary (and other occasions too). He is a sweetheart!

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