1. Hey Christie,
    The white chocolate raspberry scone that is the signature of a local bistro. It is beyond delicious.
    And Quality Street chocolates – the orange and strawberry ones especially.
    Hmm, so far this all food.
    A really great workout on the Pilates Reformer. I swear I’m a half inch taller.
    Being greeted with warmth and good cheer by local shopkeepers – relaxed, friendly, not at all about the sale.

  2. I love your moments of gratitude! We often forget about those who, behind the scenes, bring such bounty into our lives. My husband and I attended the play How the Grinch Stole Christmas. What fun – both the play and watching the reactions of the little kids in the audience.

  3. Hi, Christie – I love how you slow down and savor life’s simple pleasures. You are an inspiration! I am spending the weekend with my Grandson and plan to enjoy every moment!

  4. I had a great week of writing which made me happy. And this weekend we have our two grandsons. I think I hear them giggling now, giving me the signal that my blog reading time is over. Nice reflections on a lovely week, Christie!

  5. Hi Christie – I admired winter beauty after our first significant snow fall a couple of days ago, fresh snow on green pine tress, clear blue sky on a sunny day. I was surprised to hear bird chirping because it was an extreme cold alert day but I guessed the sun made us all sing! I received a few Christmas cards in the mail this past week and thought about my cousins and friends who wrote them. I also wrote and sent a few cards myself while thinking of the recipients and the bonds we share. I watched how my husband made and baked cookies. The aroma was wonderful and the cookies fresh from the oven were delicious. Enjoy your weekend!

    • It sounds like a lovely week. We’re getting our first snow in weeks, and it’s much needed to clear and the inversion we’ve been trapped in. I love how Christmas cards trigger those happy memories and strengthen bonds across miles. Here’s to another week of happy moments!

  6. I’m loving how you’re grateful for the small things. I have so many things this week to be grateful for as well. Today I had three friends come by and visit – coordinated so they wouldn’t tire me out too much as I recover. It was a lovely visit… plus one (the great cook) brought some Christmas cookies. Yummy… the gratitude for their visit will be reinforced with each bite. Also grateful for hubby helping so much to get the tree up and house decorated for Christmas. A bit different than planned – this year I expected to have new traditions in our new home, but circumstances have made me focus on just a couple of things. Finding new places for the Christmas items I adore was one of those things. Now, Christmas music is playing, tree is lit. Also grateful for lots of well-wishes. From quick notes at the bottom of Christmas cards to random texts on various days. I am so very grateful for my friends – near and far, IRL and virtual, new & old. So much to be grateful for this year!

    • It sounds like you have wonderful friends and family. Life’s challenges often provide some of life’s best blessings as well. May you be well supported. May you be surrounded by love. ❤️

  7. Hi Christie – What a nice post about your week! I, too, am trying to take time to notice every bite of the Christmas cookie, and fully appreciate every blessing that comes my way. What a lovely reminder you’ve written!

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