1. Christie, I love your list! Facing fears is a big one for me too, so I appreciated reading about your conquering two fears about canyon driving, which resulted in two days of hiking you wilderness had otherwise. Bravo!

    And we share a love of outdoors it appears – I am typing this response from our RV that is stationed just outside of Point Reyes National Seashore, preparing to leave soon for a few days of backpacking. I love that so much of your summer list includes hiking, cabin-ing (is that a word???), ATVing, and getting into the outdoors whenever you can.

    • Thanks Tamara. Being in nature is transforming, isn’t it? My husband and I hope to take an RV through the lower 48 once I retire. I want to see at least two sites in every state. I’ll be calling for recommendations when it gets closer.

  2. Well done with your list, Christie! Looks like you have beautiful scenery around you. Girls trips are so much fun. I’m planning one with my sister this fall.

  3. You’re doing great Christie! I didn’t get around to doing a summer bucket list, but I guess it’s never too late. A watermelon jalapeno margarita? Mmmm, sounds pretty interesting!

    • There is still officially one month of summer left, though fall seems to be trying to creep in. I had a watermelon jalapeño margarita last year, and it was so good, I’ve been meaning to go back ever since. Still haven’t made it, but I will.

  4. Atta girl, show those irrational fears who’s boss. I don’t like driving somewhere new. I mean, somewhere new around the corner is one thing, somewhere new across town can be 25 miles into unfamiliar territory is a horse of another color.

    Do you hike alone? That would be scary for me, too. We have so many mountainous trails where people get hurt hiking…twist an ankle or fall…then have to have our EMS mountain rescue team bring them down.

    I am not quite mid-way into The Glass Castle. Listening to it and enjoying it but so torn about how I feel about these crazy parents!

    Please elaborate on your random gift card giving. I clicked the link but do you just send them to people or set them out where someone will find them? I need the details, I love this!!

    • Exactly, Leslie. It’s those trips outside of my normal stomping grounds that get me nervous. Also, I do not hike alone for the very reasons you mentioned. We also have a lot of mountain rescues in Utah. It’s beautiful, but sometimes dangerous country. For these hikes, I took my daughter and sister. Neither of them likes to drive any more than I do, and since I invited them, I got to drive!

      I feel the same way you do about the parents in The Glass Castle. The children’s resilience and creative survival skills are pretty amazing, though, and I like that there is love and some good to be found even in those harsh circumstances.

      So far for the random acts of kindness, I have left something for a specific person–on their desk at work, an extra tip for a barista, or in a mailbox. I also like the idea of leaving something out for someone to find though. I may do that with my final card.

      Thanks for stopping by Leslie!

  5. Hi Christie! What a busy summer you are having and I love your workout goals. The cabin looks beautiful and it is lovely to get away for weekends isn’t it? I haven’t heard of the The Glass Castle (book or movie) so will check it out. Looking forward to you Autumn (or Fall) list.

  6. Ahhh … Christie, I am exhausted reading how much you have achieved. And, I feel like a lazy sloth in comparison. Perhaps I should put myself on a spring bucket list ( we are just coming into spring). I admire your motivation and dedication to getting everything done. Perhaps if I started off with a far shorter list & got in the groove? Thanks for the inspirational ideas 🙂

    • Thank you Estelle. It helps that most of the items on my list were things I really enjoy doing. I definitely recommend creating a seasonal bucket list just to help focus attention on the things you’d like to do. Thanks for stopping by! Happy Saturday!

  7. I absolutely LOVE this list, Christie. And through it, I discovered that we have many things in common! Please keep us posted on the ‘Watermelon Jalapeño Margarita’!

    • Thanks Donna. I feel the watermelon jalapeño margarita is coming soon. I just discovered that the restaurant I got the first one from has opened another location closer to my home. It’s a sign that it’s meant to be. 🙂

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