1. Connie Devivic Nokes

    Loved this! Thank you!

    Sometimes if I’m really stressed I can’t get a good breath in. In those moments it helps me to blow all my air out first. The inhale feels more automatic after that.

  2. Cindy

    I have to agree with number 4. The day I found out Hannah had cancer I went on the side of the house where I thought no one would see or hear me and stomped, yelled and cried. I took a pot of artificial sunflowers and beat them to shreds. Then I put them back together the best I could and moved on. (The plastic flowers were amazingly resilient. For optimum release I would recommend glass.?)

  3. I have some yoga music that I breathe to every day. When I get stressed, i bring that tune into my head and breathe, breathe, breathe. The recollection of the musical chant helps.

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