1. I’ve loved following your challenge Christie. You’re commitment to improving your health has been inspiring. Your results are really great for such a short time. Good luck for your future in fitness. This challenge has set you up with very good new habits.

  2. While you may not have hit all your goals, you have inspired me! I put on my new FitBit yesterday. Luckily it was a walk & talk day so the 4 mile park hike help with a great day one step number! Today’s rain and computer-work (taxes) plan won’t help. I’ve been snacking more on fruits and I’ve ordered the Hello Fresh meals. I’m not sure I’ll keep up with them; I’m giving it 3-4 weeks. I hope they spur me into cooking fresh & healthier meals on a more regular basis. Then I can switch over to my own planning (they are costly).

    My preferences – I actually like both fruits and veggies! My challenge is to have them accessible. Exercise with others – I need the accountability! Yet, I don’t like any gym I’ve ever been in… hence my yoga class and walk&talks. Salty for sure. I used to be sweet, but now, a small piece of chocolate can satisfy and more is too much. But salty… potato chips seem to come in single size bags, no matter the size! I have to make sure I use my (hand-made small) snack bowls to not overindulge!

    Thanks for sharing your 8-week challenge. As I said, you have inspired me to make some changes in my own healthy living quest.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Pat. It’s always nice to hear that you’ve inspired someone, right? What a great start to your own health goals. I love the idea of a walk & talk. I also love fruits and vegetables, but have leaned more toward fruit in the past. I am trying to even out that balance now. I like both salty and sweet, which is a problem for me. I seem better able to control the salt, though. Have a healthy, happy week!

  3. Cindy

    I’m impressed with your diligence, good job Christie!
    I honestly love salty and sweet as well as both veggies and fruit equally. However I usually prefer to work out alone.

    • Thank you Cindy. I especially like salty and sweet combined–or one following the other. 🙂 I have tended toward fruit, but am consciously working in more vegetables now. I do a mix of individual and group workouts. Do I sound indecisive or what?

  4. Hi, Christie – Congratulations on your perseverance and successes with this challenge. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us along the way. I’ve picked up several tips (especially regarding healthier eating habits) which I have already begun to implement!

  5. Well done in completing the challenge Christie and good for you training for a 10k. The Saturday Sisters and I are now in training and I kick off with an 8km run for the Mother’s Day Run that I do each year. I think having a challenge keeps us focused and you have done so well. Thanks for sharing with us at #MLSTL.

  6. You may not have achieved all that you’d hoped for Christie, but you stuck at it and your commitment to the program and the effort you put in was amazing. Sometimes I wonder if we should allow ourselves to be less than the “ideal” – especially if it means we have to give up all life’s little pleasures to achieve a few less pounds on our butts. I’ve been made aware of the impact sugar (esp in processed foods) has on us, but I’m not really a sugar person, so I can’t even make a big impact by giving that up! It’s my darn Midlife metabolism that I blame…
    Thanks for linking up with us at #MLSTL and I’ve shared this on my SM xx

    • So true Leanne. It’s all a tradeoff. Swearing off sweets or giving up fried foods completely isn’t worth a couple of pounds for me. However, cutting back on those things and making room for more nutritious choices for better health and keeping the scale from going up every year is worth it. And I’m with you–darn that midlife metabolism. The struggle is real! Thanks again for hosting the MLSTL link up!

  7. You may not have achieved big shifts in numbers but it is the shift in thinking which counts more anyway and it sounds like you have nailed that. It’s just another ongoing journey really isn’t it. As for me, I would choose vegetables over fruit every time, even though I love fruit. Sharing on my social media.

    • Thank you for the encouragement, Jan, and for the shares. It’s so true that the thought process is the first thing that has to shift for any change to take place. I’ve always been heavier on the fruits, but that’s another thing that’s shifting.

  8. Well done on completing the challenge. think if you feel healthier and fitter, then it’s a win. If you are sleeping better it’s a double win! Perhaps we get too caught up in BMI and things like that as we get older. I really do think our bodies change all the time, and as long as we do healthy things 80% of the time and naughty things only 20% of the time, maybe that’s good enough.

    • Good point, Jo. I’m trying to focus most of my attention on things that are in my direct control–what I eat, my activity, resting–and less on the numbers that seem to have a mind of their own! Have a wonderful day!

  9. I love the honesty in your posts about your challenge Christie. You’ve done well, you’ve persevered through it all. I find it harder to lose weight as I get older but I refuse to panic as I’m not overly out of control. I can’t seem to find anything I can cut out that I haven’t already so I understand the comments you’ve made in your post and comments. All the best 🙂

    • Thank you Debbie. It’s definitely more challenging to maintain or lose weight as I age, but as long as I’m healthy, like you, I don’t panic. I refuse to live a life of deprivation to maintain a number on the scale. Have a joyous day!

  10. Fruits AND veggies, love them both!
    I exercise alone. I am SUPER self conscious about how I look and even how I breathe when I work out.
    I am ALL ABOUT THE SWEETS!! (which is why I gained so much during this holiday season in Germany) Back on track now, but it’s a struggle for sure!

    • I agree fruits and veggies are both wonderful, especially when you can get them fresh from the earth. I’ve exercised alone most of my life, but recently found a love for a fitness class. I like the energy of the group and the coach making sure my form is correct and pushing me a little when I go too easy on myself. I’m with you on the sweets, especially anything homemade. Thanks for playing along. Have a lovely day!

  11. Bren Pace

    Wow! Congratulations! You’re truly an inspiration. I admire anyone that can stick with a program and get results. Again, an absolute inspiration. I wish I could condition myself when it comes to weighloss. 🙂 Rock on girly!

  12. Congrats, Christie, for your perseverance and achievements! It’s good to have a goal like the 10K to keep your focus and momentum.
    My preference: Fruits, both workout alone and with others, Sweets although I do not crave them at all. A bag of cookies or candies at my place is usually consumed by my family and not me.

    • Thank you Natalie. Training for a race or participating in a challenge definitely helps keep me motivated. I can ignore a bag of store-bought cookies or candy (unless it’s Swedish Fish!), but I love baked goods and I do crave some kind of sweet in the evening. Thanks for playing along!

  13. You have done a wonderful job on keeping with your goals. I have found if I give up sweets after three or four days I don’t crave them any longer. I follow a low carb diet 90% of the time.

  14. This is fine when there is a goal and it is getting closer every day! I know that it’s not easy to give up fast food, but it’s interesting, tasty and useful. Good luck in achieving the goal!

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