1. Liz Gwynn

    I love this whole post!
    Some good things to consider as I am WAY behind in my Christmas prep.
    I am kinda hoping for some experience gifts from Kevin. Date nights are hard to come by, so getting season tickets to a theatre I think would be fun to ensure we take nights away. Although Eloise is still so young, maybe next year would be less stressful.
    I love that your hawkes landing sign is a favorite gift! It was sure one of my favorite ones to give!
    Also, we have twinner nails right now! I love them!

    • I definitely like the experience gifts–and if you can’t do season tickets this year, maybe one evening out with Aunt Christie and Uncle Larry babysitting! That’s funny we got the same nails. What’s that they say, “Great minds think alike”? Love you!

      • Liz Gwynn

        Great minds DO think alike! Way to go, us!
        Just one night out is a great idea! It’s nice to know we have other people to watch Eloise as well. 😉
        Love you!

  2. Larry

    I have received to many thoughtful gifts, both from my beautiful wife, kids, grandkids and friends , ALL with great thought. BUT, one of my most thoughtful gifts from my wife Christie was our dog, Charlie. Those that know us, know Charlie Dog. To say he is like our child would be in understatement .

    My favorite gift I think I’ve given to someone was the trip to France to my wife. Of course it wasn’t all me, Christie the great planner and organizer she is filled in the fun things to do and see.

    From Santa this year? Good health, our Families well being, and to continue to have my beautiful wife at my side.
    Happy Holidays !!

  3. Cindy

    Some of my most memorable gifts are the ones you gave me when I had cancer and you gave me a small gift with a poem or saying for every week of treatment. That helped a lot. I also love when I come across a card or gift my kids made me when they were little.

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