1. Larry

    I got to talk to a couple of my Grandsons, even if it was only by text. And of course the Desert Star Playhouse with two of our princesses Ms. K and The “B” girl. The Nutcracker, Men In Tights was fun and always have a good laugh!
    And to top it off, I completed a bid for the Government that I hope is successful. A lot of time and effort went into it and hope next week I get the call to know be forward.
    And I went to bring our garbage cans in this afternoon,(Friday is garbage day) and one of my neighbors had brought them in. So many nice jesters as I still have my arm/shoulder in a sling, fantastic neighbors!

  2. Cindy

    My highlights so far were Christmas nails from Meghan, the Dickens Festival with my friend DeAnn last night, and I’m sure I’ll add girls dinner to the list after tonight. I love Christmas!! (Kanyen looks just like her mom in that picture. Pretty girls!)

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