1. Cindy

    My highlight would be I had my first grand baby sleep over with my granddaughter Elli! She is so happy and easy to watch. My favorite Christmas treat is probably gingerbread cookies and my “watch my weight strategy” is not to worry about it at parties and celebrations, but be extra good at other times. I’m happy you like the mug!

  2. Connie Devivic Nokes

    I love peppermint during the holidays. Peppermint Mocha in my coffee, Peppermint dipped almonds, peppermint ice cream. My favorite Christmas foods are Chile relleno casserole and of course, Christie’s frosting filled thumbprint cookies. Strategies are slowing down to savor and stopping when I feel satisfied. So far, I’m still on my weight loss track, so I think it’s working.

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