• A wild ride is a good way to describe it, Suzanne. I never would have imagined all we’ve seen in the last several years, but especially in the last six months or so. Take care of yourself as well.

  1. Hi Christie – we’re a loooonnnngg way away from the US, but it’s still big news in Australia too. I’m eternally grateful that we have stable and relatively polite federal and state governments here. Every time I see some new level of awfulness coming from your elections I send up a thank you that I live where I do. I think avoiding social media over the next few weeks would be a very good idea. Focus on what is lovely and good in the world and pray that things settle where you are soon – the world is watching (with trepidation!)

    • It’s so sad Leanne. I’ve always been proud of America and our political process. It’s just gotten worse and worse over the last several years. I keep thinking we’ve hit rock bottom and things will start to improve, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Instead, people get more entrenched in their own way of thinking and become so invested in their “side,” they can’t afford to consider other views or admit the possibility that their way isn’t the one right way. It saddens me beyond words. Of course, as you mention, there is much that is lovely and good in the world and for that I am grateful.

  2. We have been following your election from the other side of the pond. We hope you get a peaceful transition to the next four years and a government that works on fighting the virus and bolstering the economy. We have just been put into another 4 week lockdown so it is getting harder to focus on the positive

  3. Christie – Good for you for focusing on gratitude. My tummy is churning already today worrying about the outcome fallout. I’m heading out to do a long walk at a local park to try and shift focus. Maybe time for another “25 things I’m happy about” journaling tomorrow morning… instead of looking at the news? I’m not sure how to avoid what’s happening and the craziness that might ensue.

  4. Hi, Christie – I absolutely love this ‘glimmer of hope video’ that you posted here.
    Thank you for sharing this. My thoughts are with all Americans as this election comes to a close.

  5. We have hardly turned on the TV since Tuesday. I can’t stand the what ifs, and the numbers game and all the possibilities that may or may not come to fruition. I may take a social media break, too. Maybe between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Need to detox!!

    • Hello Leslie. This is very challenging, whichever side of the aisle you sit on. It won’t end with the results of the election, but I hope we can begin to heal our nation. It’s been easier for me than I thought to break from social media, but I do miss seeing cute grandchildren pics and beautiful sunsets. I’m sending love your way!

  6. And so, even now…a week later and the mud-slinging and nastiness continues. Sigh! I have been been on a social media break for a while now (except for running sites). It looks like I won’t be back for a while! Great post!

    • It is sad, Laurie. I hear bits and pieces on the news. I have been off social media and isolated due to COVID, so I’ve been able to avoid most of it, but it still seeps in at times. I wish you well. I wish us all well.

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