1. I’m grateful for fleece jackets and warm socks. I’m grateful for mums and burning bushes. I’m grateful for the ability to write and connect with people all over the world thanks to blogging.

  2. Cindy

    I’m grateful for my grandchildren. I got to see 5 of the seven in the last little while. With one I had a breakfast date, with two we had hours of play dough time and with the other two we watched a Halloween movie and ate treats!
    I’m also grateful for a loving supportive family.🥰

  3. What a fun cactus!! I have a similar one but mine is less animated!! Love the personality of yours. And that agave is gorgeous. You have quite the green thumb. Don’t you feel like the a proud mom when a plant thrives and has babies of its own?

    So glad you had some time with your granddaughter. I would love to get my Cadence out here for a week of one-on-one. Sounds like you gals had some deep conversations.

    What a champ your pup is to travel so well. I bought a Ford Windstar van years ago so my pups could travel with us. We even removed the center console because the pup with the ‘loudest’ personality insisted on laying between the 2 captain chairs in the front.

    • Yes, Leslie, I’m unreasonably happy when I look at all the baby agaves. And I had a wonderful time with our granddaughter. I wish you a similar experience with Cadence. We do consider ourselves lucky to have adopted a dog that loves both of our locations and doesn’t mind traveling in between. We are looking forward to many more years with the kids, the dog, and the desert plants!

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