1. Larry

    My favorite recipe ?? ( I consider that a “recipe” is something you make while following instructions??)
    Homemade ice cream. Strange I know , but I have to follow instructions how to make and how much of this or that is needed. You may think it’s made the same, just the “flavor” of choice is added, but not so, more creamer, sugar, lots of things change depending on your favorite flavor.
    And of course, to answer the next to questions I only have to give one answer ….Ruth Chris Steakhouse . If you’ve been, you know where I’m coming from ?
    Now I’m hungry!

  2. Cindy moore

    I loved girls trip! (Although I missed the sisters that couldn’t come.) I always enjoy just being together and Park City is beautiful. We have had some really good times in San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego and a Criuse to Mexico! I would love to try some new places as well.

  3. Cindy moore

    Guess I totally missed the question? One of my favorite recipes is lasagna, although I have many. I love trying each other’s meals as well as going out. I can’t narrow it down to one restaurant but lately I’ve LOVED the wild rice with kale salad at Cubbys. So good, and easily makes two meals!

  4. Connie Devivic

    I just created a new recipe: Fun Nachos. I put retried beans on the bottom of a Pyrex 9×9″ pan, covered with taco-seasoned, cooked ground beef, covered that with lots of cheddar-jack shredded cheese and microwaved it until hot and the cheese was melted. I served it with bowls containing tortilla chips, sliced green onions, avocado, tomatoes, salsa, and sour cream. The “fun” was playing with our food, haha! Each “nacho” was built individually and so was a perfect bite for the person who built it. There were no boring, uncovered chips and best of all, leftovers could be stored because everything was separate, no chips soggy by the next day.

    Missed you all terribly! Glad you had fun.

  5. What a yummy, fun trip that must have been, Christie. One of my favorite recipes is homemade Kung Pao chicken which I just made last night and served with fresh green beans and jasmine rice. So delicious! I got the original recipe here: https://www.budgetbytes.com/2014/05/kung-pao-chicken-vegetables/
    I do a little modifying in that I added fresh snow peas last night and I add more broccoli than the recipe calls for. I also love my rice cooker, something I held off on getting for a long time as I feared it would be yet another appliance that collected dust. But it is the best! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos of scenery and food. Your trip sounded like so much fun!

  6. I loved the movie Lion–it was an amazing story!

    A girl’s get together is fun! I still meet up with HS friends from time to time that live all over the country.

    My favorite recipe? I have so many! We like Italian food and I make many different styles of pasta and sauces and all are good. My daughter loves my eggplant Parmesan .

    • That’s so great that you come together with friends from across the country. I also like Italian food, but I’ve never tried eggplant Parmesan. In fact, I’ve never tried eggplant at all.

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