1. My plan is to post every Tuesday and Friday. That can change if life dictates it. I have a list of topics which I constantly add to as ideas hit me. Like you, I have scheduled the next few weeks but will make changes based on new inspiration. There are times when certain topics are challenging to write about so I save them for another day and write about something else. I love the days when the words flow with little effort but I have to watch that I don’t ramble too much!!

    • It sounds like we have a similar approach Linda. I even used to post on Tuesday and Friday. I cut back when it got to be too much with my work schedule and editing another writing project. The key is to be flexible and open to inspiration, as you pointed out, in order to keep it enjoyable and fresh. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. I blog every Monday. I used to blog every Monday and Wednesday but was finding that I was running out of time (blogging is not just about the post.) I have a barebones editorial calendar. That speaks more to themes than specific posts.

  3. That’s kinda what I say with the creative writing exercise prompts – Just start typing and see what you come up with! I have started using a calendar to keep everything in order. Speaking of when the mood strikes and schedules, I write when a topic pops into my head, however, I don’t publish those posts immediately, I schedule them to publish later or keep them in draft form until the perfect time to publish. The prompt parties have helped me, I never dreamed I’d be able to come up with a story from just a beginning sentence.

    • You are a wonderful storyteller Dee. I always enjoy where those prompts take you. I have, on occasion, had a couple of posts in the hopper. That’s such a comforting feeling. I’m not sure how I let things get away from me this time. Next week is Blogging Grandmothers Link Party, and then next week is Thank You Notes, so I’m back ahead of the game! 🙂

      • Thanks Christie, i appreciate the compliment! My brain is so crazy and fogged at times and out of the blue a topic will make me want to write…but goodness, let’s say it’s about Christmas…I can’t surely post it in the middle of June, better to at least wait until December, huh?

  4. Hi Christie, An interesting post. I am in the category of a newbie blogger, without any parameters/rules (so far). I do believe it has to continue being fun. My first few posts I wrote down and immediately published. I was just playing with the thought of blogging, figuring out a website and possibly finding my voice. I won’t do that again. Definitely a lot of editing and rethinking now. I am surprised as to how much time I spend reading other blogs. I truly enjoy this time and I am always inspired by the talent, creativity and content. I will need to put myself on a better schedule since reading and commenting can consume my week. I appreciate your candor and sharing your thoughts:) Erica

    • I was also surprised by the amount of time I spent reading and commenting on other blogs. It is truly enjoyable, but as you say, time can get away from you. I like the idea of scheduling the time spent connecting with other bloggers, the same way I schedule writing time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the topic, Erica.

  5. I have a schedule of sorts. I co-host a link-up on Thursdays so tend to post travel on those days, Sunday is my weekly round up & Saturday is a recipe. I have a list in my journal of prompts for those days when the well is dry. #MTSTL

    • It sounds like you have a very busy schedule, Joanne. I am impressed. Journal prompts is a great way to spark writing ideas. Thanks for giving us a peek into your process.

  6. Ah yes, there’s a lot in this post for me. I love to write – as a creative outlet, as a discipline and to keep my brain exercised and functioning, to share information, record stuff – and like you I use the weekly publishing ‘deadline’ to keep me honest. However, sometimes life happens and I don’t make it. I don’t want to publish diatribe for the sake of it so sometimes we have a little break. Like a month in Africa when there was way tooooo much going on to possibly consider writing any of it down. I’m finding the more I do it, the more ‘meat’ I want in the posts but I’m constantly considering what’s the best medium for me.

    • Exactly Christine. Once again everything seems to come down to a balance between discipline and leaving room for inspiration, growth, and change–and then just living of course. A month in Africa sounds amazing. Good luck to you on your journey!

  7. Hi Christie I actually do schedule my posts and of course can go into a panic if I can’t think anything to write. I have learned though that the world will keep on turning even if I don’t publish something and I won’t beat myself up over it. This year I’ve fallen into a monthly theme pattern which is a blessing and a curse. It is great to have a topic to write about and challenge my creativity in presenting it to my readers. However, finding the monthly theme has been a challenge and at times a very last minute achievement. Thanks for sharing the joys (or not) of blogging and sharing with us at #MLSTL. xx

    • I’ve enjoyed following your blogging evolution over the last couple of years, Sue. The monthly themes, along with the challenges, have been great for me. Even when I haven’t followed them step-by-step, I have taken something and made small improvements based on each one. There are certainly highs and lows to blogging–like everything in life, I guess. For now, it’s mostly enjoyable, though, so I carry on. Thanks, as always, for the #MLSTL connection opportunity. Have a beautiful day!

  8. Great to read how you, and others, tackle blogging. I don’t tend to plan things out too much in advance, although I try to stick to a schedule of sorts – Sunday Stills, Wordless Wednesdays and my Friday Feature. I’m more a spontaneous blogger. I find it takes quite a lot of time reading and commenting on other blogs, which is always enjoyable and beneficial, but does take some time away from my own writing practices. I must admit I’m not the most deep and meaningful serious type of blogger/writer! Thanks Christie – #mlstl

    • Hello Deb! Thanks for weighing in on the subject. It sounds like you’ve found the right combination of structure and spontaneity for your blog. I truly enjoy your posts. Not every blog has to be serious and deep, and your photography is always beautiful. Several people have mentioned the amount of time that they spend reading and commenting on others’ blogs. I do the same thing. The connection with others (like you!) is one of the things I love most about blogging. However, as you noted, it has to be balanced with the amount of time spent writing–and living. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Enjoy your day!

  9. All the reasons you give for blogging are my reasons too Christie. I love the connections, I really enjoy writing down my thoughts and my journey, and sharing and being encouraged. I would have had a very different Midlife story if it wasn’t for my blogging.

    That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever had writer’s block. I tend to be a few weeks ahead of myself with my blogging, so if my brain’s quiet I just leave the writing until inspiration arrives again. I’ve reduced down from 3 posts a week to 2 posts because I felt like I’d said a lot of what I wanted to say and had less to write. I’ve thought about stopping, but then new ideas spring up and if I didn’t have a blog I’d have nowhere to share them!

    I don’t think it’s necessary to post on a particular day, although I like the structure of knowing when a post is going to go live. I’m sure you’ll be flowing with ideas again soon – maybe you’ll get a few weeks’ worth done and can start kicking back in between like I do xx
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

    • Thank you for the encouragement, Leanne, and the insight into your thought process when it comes to your blog. I actually have the next four weeks at least sketched out, so it appears to have been a temporary problem. 🙂 Here’s hoping! Have a great week.

  10. Christie, Your paragraph on “why I blog” is exactly why I blog as well! I’ve started to get into the habit of posting on Sunday, but I NEVER beat myself up if I miss. I tend to draft blog posts in advance, spending a rainy afternoon or quiet Sunday writing. And often have 1-2 “ready to go” or at least ready to edit and go! But sometimes there’s nothing ready and I’m not inspired to write anything. I never post just for the sake of putting something out; I try and stay on the theme of my blog – how to do retirement transition. I look to other bloggers, other things I read, and things I’m doing in my retirement transition for inspiration.

    I know that if I want a bigger following, I should be doing things like regular posts, themes, twice or 3 times a week, etc. But I’m happy with the connections I’ve made and once a week posting seems to be enough to keep me creatively writing.

    • Thanks for sharing your blogging process, Pat. Reading your comment brought something up for me. You mentioned that you get inspiration from other bloggers and things you’ve read. My “block” came as I returned from vacation and had not been reading other blogs or participating in my usual activities. Perhaps that was part of the problem. I was just a little slow getting back into the swing of things. I’m thinking in the future it would be good to have something drafted before I go on vacation, or take an extra week off from posting immediately after I return, rather than expecting my brain to pick up right where I left off. Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy your week!

  11. Ugh, at the moment I’m struggling with this. I review books as well so I have a bit of a schedule with those (in terms of publication dates etc) but in terms of my personal blogging I used to try to coordinate with linkups but if I’m not in a great headspace (which is the case at the moment) I tend to do a braindump when I’m in the mood.

    Although then I often sit on it for a while and decide whether it’s something I should just keep to myself or publish.

    I miss the ritual of blogging every day though which was something I did in my early blogging ‘career’.

    • I like that phrase, Deborah: braindump. That’s what this post was for sure. And I agree it’s good to sit on it for a minute and decide whether it is right for publishing. I didn’t really have time to do that this time around, but it seems to have worked out okay, because the comments have been insightful and helpful. Thanks for your input. Enjoy your week!

  12. Jennifer Jones

    Hi Christie it’s great to read that another blogger shares my struggles. I try to stick to a schedule but that can go out the window very quickly. I do have a list of topics to choose from depending on the mood. I find when I go walking, topics seem to fall into my brain for some reason. I store them on my phone as they come when I’m walking as they can leave my brain very quickly if not written down. Enjoyed this pist very much #MLSTL Sharing on SM

    • Jennifer, I do the same thing with blog ideas 🙂 Sometimes I use the Notes app to record my voice and thoughts which I can then copy and paste into a blog post, with editing of course because there will be typos since my phone doesn’t quite understand my southern accent 🙂

      • This made me smile, Dee, because my husband often voice texts (without proofreading). He once sent me a message that “Crabs coming to get the kids.” I immediate responded that he should try to protect them! 🙂 (In case you’re wondering, the real message was “Trav [their father] is coming to get the kids.”

    • Yes, Jennifer. Sometimes when I read others’ eloquent (and prolific) posts, it can seem as if it is so easy for everyone else. I don’t believe that is true. It appears that most of us are challenged about what to write (or whether to write) at least occasionally. Most of my post ideas come to me when I’m out in the real world too, though I do occasionally sit down and brainstorm ideas. I think there is something about walking and being in nature that inspires creative thinking. Enjoy your week!

  13. Ah Christie, I am like this sometimes. Way back in 2015 & 2016 I used daily blogging as my way to connect to ‘the world’ and have purpose. It became onerous but I was determined to have that as part of the new routine upon retirement. From mid to late 2016 I introduced a link up on Mondays and because “I” liked the idea of an optional prompt that has helped me. I like to use the brain to think of these.

    I am now blogging regularly twice a week. I have found a couple of times recently I have “needed” to blog so I added a post.

    I don’t ever want to stop blogging for the connections I make. I would never have ‘met’ people such as yourself without blogging.

    Denyse #mlstl

    • It’s great that we can be flexible as bloggers to write as often as makes sense for us and our readers. Sometimes I get over-anxious about blog-related things, and then I remind myself that this is voluntary, something I choose to do. That helps me figure out what I need to do to keep it enjoyable. I agree with you, blogging creates wonderful connections that I do not want to give up. I’m so glad I met you Denyse and look forward to many more years blogging–for the both of us!

  14. It’s so lovely hear so many others talking about writer’s block. AND about how blogging isn’t just popping up a post. Most readers have no idea how much work goes into producing a post before hitting that Publish button!

    I blog three times a week, MWF, and this summer have been taking a “break” on Fridays by going with a Friday Flashback themed post that is formulaic to write. I am planning a blogging break in August. Summer Vaycay + New Baby, but I want to be writing and stocking up some posts for the later months of the year. Like you say, writing is a habit, and if I don’t write at all, I’ll be in serious trouble come the last week of August!

    I use a calendar, but go with the whim of the moment if that’s what is speaking to me. All planned would feel stifling, but all whim would cause me too much pressure.

    Since my topic is style, I do research or people watching for inspo. Sometimes, I’ll just ask friends, “What do you want to know more about?’

    I think I may start thinking in Max Words per post… I like that idea, and wonder how it would affect my topics and coverage. It might mean more series-type posts… Hmmmmm. Thank you for something new to think about!

    • So true Liz. I had no idea about the technical side of blogging when I first started. I certainly didn’t think about the time spent reading and commenting on other bloggers’ posts (although I love that aspect). I had someone else set up my blog and thought I would just sit down and write. 🙂 We are similar in our approach in that I also like a flexible schedule, rather than too much structure or too much whim. I’m off to check out your blog now. Have a lovely week!

  15. Hi Christie – I like the statement “Fill yourself up with life so you have something to write about.” I’m a spontaneous blogger. I aim for one post a week, except when I travel then I don’t blog at all. I have lots of topics and photos to share, not enough time to write them up though. #mlstl

  16. Hi, Christie!
    I definitely try to stick to a regular showing up schedule on my blog, and find that posting twice a week works for me.
    I fill up on lots of good writing from authors I admire and wordsmiths that stop me in my tracks. When I have a writing assignment and nothing is coming, I tend to stop and read some poetry or a good chunk of writing from a book that is relevant to the topic.

    • That sounds like a good idea, Sylvia. I always feel better when I have a couple of ideas lined up, even if I don’t stick to the calendar exactly. Good luck to us both!

  17. Thanks for linking up and co-hosting at the #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty 39! If you haven’t already, I’d like to invite you to linkup this post and more at the UNLIMITED Monthly Link Party (open for 25 days) and the Wednesday AIM Link Party.

  18. HI, Christie – I love the reasons that you write — they are the same for me. When I first began blogging, I published every six days (so as to hit every day of the week….eventually). Then my blog simply morphed into blogging whenever was right for me — usually every week, sometimes two….and recently daily as I hiked the Via Francigena Trail.
    I have a Blogger’s Meet Up coming up in two weeks time and the question of ‘writers’ block’ is on the agenda. I have copied your answers to add to the discussion.

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