1. I’ve never done yoga – it’s on my wish list, but there’s never been a class nearby and so for now it stays as a ‘one day’ thing. I think that’s why I started Tai Chi – it was my compromise – close to home and fluid movements. I loved your interesting facts though 🙂

    • I’ve never actually taken a class, Leanne. I bought a DVD (back in the day) and taught myself. Now, I watch YouTube videos. I’m sure that I could benefit from an in-person class with a teacher’s help. Tai Chi sounds interesting. I may have to look into that when I have more flexibility (post-retirement).

  2. Cindy

    I did not know women who do yoga are yoginis. (Apparently neither does my phone because it keeps trying to auto correct me.😉) I have only done short sessions of yoga, usually as a warm up or cool down to my workout. I know there’s a lot more to explore and I would like too. As soon as I can lean or stretch or bend. 😂

  3. I’m a regular yogini (new word to me!) – now for 5 years! I try and practice 3 days a week and now one of those is back to Beach Yoga! I love Yoga with Adriene so often do a class with her. And recently I’ve even just “done my own”, letting my body tell me what it needs.

    Today I tried the mermaid pose… we were on the beach after all. But you definitely have me searching for the list of 84 basic Asana to see if I know them/can do them.

    What are some of your favorite poses? I love a sun salutation/warrior 2 flow sequence.
    What are you “working on”? Mermaid, now! But also half moon, full chaturanga, dancer and bow pose are all that list for me.

    • I’d never heard “yogini” either, Pat. Beach yoga sounds heavenly, and I like the idea of just doing your own thing…listening to your body. I don’t know the mermaid pose, but I’m definitely going to look that up. Some of my favorites are sun salutation sequences, tree, and pigeon.

  4. Hi, Christie – I love your seven Fun Yoga Facts! I did regularly practice yoga in a local studio for the first few years after retirement. But I got out of the yoga studio habit when I ramped up my hiking… compiled with the pandemic. I know do twice weekly online workout sessions with a friend who is a personal trainer. She includes yoga poses into our workout sessions which is a win-win!

  5. The first yoga mat was created in 1982 by Angela Farmer, using the underlay of a carpet?!! I didn’t know that but I do remember that in early yoga classes I took in the mid-1980s we all brought a thick blanket. No one had a mat.

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