1. Hi Christie – it looks like a really interesting and do-able list for Autumn. I particularly loved your 60 before 60 idea – something I should do too but I have a sneaking suspicion that I don’t have 60 things that I’d be likely to conquer in the next 14 months! I’ll be very interested to see what you come up with – maybe you should create a challenge?!

    • I’m easing into my bucket lists, Leanne. I’ve been feeling less than motivated lately, so I’m trying to get some momentum, while setting myself up for success. I’m still contemplating whether my 60 before 60 will be just trying 60 new things during the year leading up to my 60th birthday, or whether I should be more structured than that. I’m certainly open to suggestions! Happy spring to you!

  2. I tend to say Fall, but I like the word Autumn. I’m not a pumpkin fan when it comes to drinks and food – but I love all things apple!!

    Good luck with your bucket list! I love this time of the year.


  3. Hi there…Joining in the bucket list as well…I’ve been wanting to get back into blogging and Leslie encouraged me to join in. I’m glad I did. Those soups look good. I may have to take a look. Always looking for more recipes. Like the idea of balance exercises. I tried paddle boarding last month for the first time and I was so excited when I was able to get up easily and never fell off. Yay for balance…lol. because I’m not a huge fan of water and getting soaked. I want to take some online courses too…they’ll have to be free or cheap but I know they’re out there.

    Love pumpkins…in fact every year I help on weekends at my son in laws family Pumpkin Patch. So fun.
    I say Fall.
    I linked my bucket (intentionality) list.

    • Hello Kirstin and welcome! I’m so glad you joined us for the Autumn Bucket List link-up. Congratulations on your paddle boarding adventure. I’ve had two people mention that to me recently. Perhaps I’ll have to give it a try next summer. After watching my mother and mother-in-law lose balance as they aged, I want to build a good, solid foundation now! I do love pumpkins. Weekends at a pumpkin patch sound delightful. I’ll be by to visit your bucket list soon. Happy fall!

  4. All sounds doable. A course sounds interesting. Hanging the pics should be enjoyable and help even more to make your new house feel like home. New soup recipes are good too, thanks for the link!! Thumbs down on pumpkin mania, especially for recipes, although some do enjoy such and I’ll be having a link party for that sometime in October. I always say fall not autumn.

    • Yes, Dee, I’m going for doable this time around. I’ve been dragging a little lately and want to start building momentum slowly but surely. I loved the soup link-up and can’t wait to try some of them. I confess I love pumpkin recipes–both sweet and savory–so I’ll be tuning in for that link-up. Happy fall!

  5. I think autumn sounds cozier than fall. But, whatever anyone calls it, I’m just happy if they don’t capitalize the word (one of my grammatical pet peeves).

    I’m looking forward to soup season, for sure. It’s still to hot here to make it, but I’m already checking out some new recipes.

    • I do love the sound of autumn, though I probably saw fall more often. Whatever you call it, it’s definitely soup season for me! It’s a little warm here too, but has started to cool off recently. I feel it in the evenings and early mornings especially. Happy fall!

  6. I like to bake with pumpkin but not all things pumpkin such as the pumpkin spice pop tarts I saw last year. I say fall. Everyone that I grew up with called it that. We have a friend that has a daughter named Autumn. I just asked Daughter to get me new family pictures to put in a frame to go with my fall decorations, so yes here too for getting new pictures to decorate for fall.

    • Hello Karen! I like homemade pumpkin recipes–both sweet and savory–but I’m not feeling pumpkin Pop-Tarts either. I know someone named Winter, but I’ve never met an Autumn. I like it though, now that I think about it. If I were going to name a child after a season, it would definitely be Autumn. Happy fall!

  7. I’m going to add make soup to my fall to-do list (as well as take a hike, which I missed but saw on someone else’s list)… but towards the end of fall. We are spending the first half in Florida and soup when it’s still 89 degrees just doesn’t feel right. I’m taking about psychology course right now and enjoying it… I audit it, so no stress and no cost!

    • You are right, Pat, 89 degrees is still a little warm for soup. Our weather has been warm too, but the temperatures are starting to drop, especially overnight. Fall weather–and soup season–is coming. Enjoy your psychology course. That sounds interesting. Happy fall!

  8. Hi, Christie –
    Great minds think alike.
    As it definitely felt like Fall here today, I began with a workout at our local park which was fabulous. I then made soup for lunch which was very tasty (Richard had a large bowl and then asked for seconds). You can find the recipe here: https://www.marthastewart.com/335377/15-minute-lentil-soup. I’ve also signed up for an online Salish Sea Course (with Deb from The Widow BadAss Blog), and for an online Non-Fiction Book Club (in addition to my two other IRL Bookclubs. Our lists are very similar.
    Happy Autumn!

    • Thanks for sharing that recipe, Donna. I’m definitely going to try it. I’m intrigued by the Salish Sea Course. You must keep me updated! And, of course, I’m always looking for good book recommendations, so if you really love something, please share. Happy autumn to you!

  9. It’s autumn for us Christie but I do notice Fall is creeping in with the young ones. Looking forward to hearing more about your 60 before 60 list. I have a friend in Salt Lake City who yesterday told me about the high number of covid cases on Utah. Do take care and stay safe x

    • Hello Jennifer! I think you are the first one to say autumn is more common for you. I do love that word. Unfortunately you heard right, Utah’s COVID cases have spiked since school started, mainly among the college students a little south of Salt Lake City. There’s even a group that calls themselves Young and Dumb hosting “underground” dance parties. I’m afraid the name fits and is not a ringing endorsement. I am being extra cautious. I hope all is well with you and yours.

    • Of course, Jennifer, you can’t bake and not keep some for yourself. 😁 I actually do not bake a lot, so I thought it might be fun as an activity…fun enjoying the treats…and nice to share. Triple the reward!

    • Hello Erin and welcome. I am looking forward to taking a course. I’m ready to start stretching myself again. I confess I love everything (well, not everything) pumpkin. I say fall more, but I love the word autumn. Either way you say it…enjoy!

  10. I typically say fall but I like the sound of Autumn better. I do like some pumpkin stuff but not a lot of it; mostly baked goods preferably mixed with a bit of chocolate!

  11. Thank you for sharing your bucket list. Can’t wait to read more about 60 things before 60.
    Hope you can begin to make plans for your trip to Alaska. Sometimes the planning is half the fun. I applaud you for planning to make goodies for the neighbors. Good way to get to know them better. I bet when they start seeing you out and about you will soon have a host of new friends. Paul says I act to desperate for friends. Ha!! I guess I need to be less obviously lonely.
    Hanging family pictures about your new home will be a great way to give it more of a ‘home’ feeling. Maybe pictures taken of family when they were visited your other house? Bringing a little of that house into this one.
    I had bookmarked this post https://christiehawkes.com/what-to-do-when-the-proverbial-well-runs-dry/ to read and reread. Then to my horror realized today that I hadn’t commented on it. How are you, my friend? Sending you big hugs and hoping your well is filling up again.

    • Thank you, Leslie, for setting it up for us. I’m still formulating my idea for 60 before 60. My 59th birthday is coming up, and I want to try 60 new things in that year leading up to my 60th. It was such a disappointment when we had to cancel our Alaska trip, but you bring up a good point, now we get the fun of planning it twice! Relationships are so important Leslie, I don’t blame you at all for looking for those connections. I’m something of an introvert, so it takes me a little longer than some, but I so appreciate those connections I do have. I wish we were closer. I can see us hanging out together. That said, I’d be up for a Zoom meeting some time!

      Don’t worry about not commenting on the dry well post. I am feeling better. It’s still a challenging time, but my mood has lifted. The coming of fall certainly helps. Thanks for the virtual hug. Funny as it sounds, it makes a big difference. Sending hugs right back to you!

  12. Hi Christie, I agree with you on how Fall is my favourite season. We have just returned from a camping trip at Long Beach, the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Many evergreens, although we still see many Fall colours. I am intrigued on your 60 before 60 list. Same with the Alaska trip, although for sad reasons. Thank you for sharing an inspirational list.

    • Hello Erica! I’m glad you were able to get away and spend some time in nature. The idea behind the 60 before 60 is to intentionally try new things and be mindful of what I am experiencing in this my 60th year of life. I feel I’ve been in a little bit of a holding pattern recently, and I’m ready to move forward.

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