1. I’d never judge anyone for using a boxed brownie mix. I feel I need to make that clear. You’ve done fun things. We got the ductwork in the house professionally cleaned last week, so you can see what passes for excitement around here.

    • Thank you Ally! Even brownies from a box make the house smell divine…which is one of the things I love about baking in the fall…the ambience it creates. Clean ductwork is pretty exciting too though. I’m only partly kidding. I love checking things like that off the list.

  2. Hi Christie – it looks like you’re ticking things off the bucket list at a rapid rate. Well done on finishing the jigsaw (it looks like a beautiful one to do). It must be so nice for you to be able to be out and about again and able to do some of the things that would have felt un-doable a year ago with the pandemic and lockdowns.

    • Hello Leanne. It was a fun jigsaw. All the blue was a little challenging, but that makes it all the more satisfying when you complete it. And you’re right, it has been nice to get out a little more. I hope you are having a happy spring.

  3. Cindy

    Nice job sis! The play at Desert Star sounded like a fun one! Mark and I still haven’t been back since the pandemic, we need to. The food looked good too. The only brownies I make any more are Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate chip. They are just as good as homemade and way easier.

    • Thank you sister. We did have fun at Desert Star. It was a little early for us to be watching the Christmas play, but that’s what they were performing! And yes, the boxed brownies tasted good to us. We ate every one!

    • The baked goods were yummy. The quiche is in my regular rotation. The brownies were a fun treat. I am hoping for a trip to Zion next fall. We have our lifetime pass purchased, so fingers crossed!

  4. Bravo!! Well done. And brownies from a box are delicious. And nothing to apologize for, in my book. We made them from scratch because we didn’t have a box back in the day. Which reminds me…I have a box of brownie mix in the cupboard!!

    What a cute puzzle. That turtle/tortoise is just popping out of it. Love the colors. I imagine that was quite a challenge. I wish I could get PC to do a puzzle with me. Once we get home from our moms’ houses (leaving Thursday) and get the newest grandbaby born, I am going to try again with him.

    Glad you dates are going well with the grands. I have wanted to take my littles to see Encanto but mom and dad are still so worried about Covid. And Lucia and Camila stay sick so I understand why. Hoping maybe after Christmas we can do a real movie at the theater. My oldest daughter has asked that I take my oldest grand to see West Side Story. I am thrilled!!

    How wonderful to be able to take in a live performance again. We enjoyed the movie version of that musical. Haven’t even checked to see if your playhouse is still a thing. Our Covid numbers are up by 600 cases since yesterday. UGH.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We ate too much and it was delicious. Every sinful calorie. Can’t seem to get back to exercising lately. Maybe in January??

    • The puzzle was quite a challenge, but also fun and rewarding when I finished it. Larry doesn’t do the puzzles with me either. It’s not his thing, and I use it for my quiet me time.

      Travel safe. Congratulations on the new grandbaby about to make an entrance into this world. It’s been a while since we had a baby in the family–a grandbaby at least. I have three nieces that are all expecting in the next six months–one is having twins!

      We did have a fabulous Thanksgiving. We ate too much as well, laughed, and visited. Now on to Christmas!

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