1. Cindy

    Hmmmm, I’m wondering if you wrote this just for me? 😉 SOOOO true. I’ve honestly been a bit disappointed in my body lately. I’ve always exercised and ate fairly healthy, and still I had a slipped disc with a pinched nerve. But after surgery the doctor said I have very healthy bones and because I’ve taken care of myself I should heal quickly with good results. Thank you bones! And organs and brain as well. Thanks for your post too. Love you sis!

    • Truth be told, I did a guided gratitude meditation, and he talked about gratitude for your body…which inspired this post. However, I must admit when I published it, I thought of you. I am sorry you’ve had to go through this, but I am grateful your healthy living is paying off in helping your body heal faster and better. I love you!

  2. I thank my body for allowing me to stand up, sit down, and snooze soundly. I also like that I can drink warm beverages and eat food using my own teeth.

    Oh and I thank my body for letting me read this post, and type out a comment. I think I’m sounding very old here, aren’t I?

  3. Christie, I am thankful for strong bones (had my first ever bone-density test this week), good sleep patterns (I get at least 8 hours each night), and a mostly peaceful, but still functioning mind.

    • That’s wonderful, Suzanne. I haven’t had a bone-density test, but I think my doctor is going to order one at my next exam. Hopefully, all the weight-bearing physical activity is paying off in that department. I’m jealous that you get such good sleep. I spend at least 7.5 hours in bed each night, but some nights I sleep more than others. Still I am thankful that I don’t have serious insomnia like some people I know. And a peaceful, functioning mind is definitely something to appreciate!

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