1. Cindy

    I remember moms Sunday phone calls, just to recap the week. I remember mom saying “let’s plan to get together so I can have something to look forward to.” (Mark says I got that from her.) I remember her not wanting to share dessert, we had to have our own. She liked to hold hands and gave the best hugs. I’m sure going to miss her, but I’m so grateful she was ours on this earth.❤️

    • I loved reading about your memories, Cindy. Thanks for sharing them here. I too am grateful beyond words that we had her for our mother and that we loved deeply enough to feel this loss. I am also grateful to Mom for having a big family and keeping us close. Now it’s on us to keep that legacy going. I love you!

  2. So sorry, Christie. It sounds like she lived her life well and passed an incredible legacy on to her children and grandchildren. May your family find comfort in your warm memories of your dear mother.

  3. Connie Devivic Nokes

    When our Mom’s 83-year-old Grandfather-in-law needed a place to live, none of his children were willing to open their doors to him, so Mom did. Grandpa Haskell lived with us for about a year. I was 16 at the time and he started dating a woman he later married. Often we came home from dates at the same time and would talk late into the night. He felt comfortable and welcome with us. She made sure he felt at home. One day she received a letter in the mail from some of his kids which accused her of letting him live with us because she was “after his money and their rightful inheritance.” Mom was incensed. How dare they accuse her of such a thing when all she was doing was caring for him. About a month later these same relatives came into town and visited Great-Grandpa at our house. Mom invited them to dinner. It was a Sunday and we were all sitting around the table when Mom stood and said she had something to share. She opened up the letter and read it out loud. Then she turned to Great-Grandpa and said something like, “I want you to know, I have no interest in your money. You are here because we love you and want you to feel at home, and that is all that matters.” A stunned silence filled the room, and then she sat down and asked for someone to pass the potatoes. I was so incredibly proud of our Mom that day. She was never a gossip, and she didn’t like conflict, but when she needed to stand up for what was right, she did. PS: He married again shortly afterward and there went his kids’ inheritance, which did make Mom smile. Probably she was just happy he’d found love.

    • Somehow I had forgotten this story Connie. Thanks for reminding me. I loved Grandpa Haskell’s stories of living in an age before motor cars through the landing of a man on the moon. I also loved that he bought ice cream for us regularly! I didn’t realize as a child the responsibility that Mom took on inviting him to live with us.

  4. Dear Christie,
    I’m so behind on my blogging/reading and just now read of your mom’s passing. Your tribute to her was touching and through it I got a real sense of who she was. Unfailing optimism and kindness are wonderful traits and it sounds as though you and your family were gifted with those from her.
    This has been a rough stretch for you. Be well, and may her memory be a blessing.

  5. Christie,
    I also am just catching up – so sorry for your loss. Your mother sounds like a wonderful woman and an example of strength and compassion. Thank you and your siblings for sharing their memories.

  6. Christie, I’m so sorry to read of your mother’s passing. How wonderful that she was surrounded by family! Your tribute to her shows what a wonderful woman and mother she was. My mother passed away the day after Mother’s Day this past year, and she is on my heart and mind every day. I liked your response to one of the comments: “…we loved deeply enough to feel this loss.” God bless you and your family as you go through the days feeling this loss.

    • Thank you Gale, and my warmest wishes for you and your family as well. I know the first Christmas without your mother must have been difficult. We will keep them in our hearts, as you said, and their influence shapes our lives still.

  7. My sweet friend, how are you? I guess the memorial service is behind you but I bet it was so well done and so uplifting that it will remain with you forever. Can’t remember when you leave for Mazatlan, or perhaps you have had to put the trip on hold for a bit, but hoping you can catch your breath, enjoy some down time over the next few weeks. Having read a little about your mother, I now know where you get your loving, warm heart. May this new year only get easier and gentler for you and yours.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Leslie. The memorial service was everything I could have hoped for. This July we will take her ashes to Fairbanks, Alaska to be with her much-loved deceased husband, who is buried there. I’m hoping she is already having a joyful reunion with him and my little brother. We did postpone our Mazatlan trip and will probably go in February. I am looking forward to the downtime and the healing that always comes with time in nature. Here’s to a gentler 2020 for both of our families!

  8. Thanks so much for sending me your blog addy. I have added it to my blog roll. So sorry to hear of the passing of your Mom….
    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!!

  9. Oh my gosh, Christie. I am very sorry to read about the passing of your Mother. I have just reentered the blogosphere and I am catching up on my reading. I have difficulty reading your post through my blurry eyes. I did not have the opportunity to meet her, yet I feel I meet her through you. You embody all the good values she has passed on to you.

    As I read further, I cannot imagine the hardships and grief she endured. And, yet to see the good in life. I know she was proud of you, Christie and she still is.
    Thank you for sharing such a touching, personal story. Hugs to you and your family. xx Erica

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