1. Liz Gwynn

    Yay for the subscribe feature! I’ve never met an ice cream I didn’t like, but I’d say my favorite is chocolate chip cookie dough.

  2. Linda Hartley

    Mine might be Moose Trax too… I just like a chocolate ice cream with fudge ribbons and mini pb cups. I think the Bunny tracks is vanilla ice cream, but it works in a pinch. I don’t pay attention to the name, I just read thru the ingredients to figure out what I want, and don’t buy it too often because I eat it tooooooo quickly.
    My way to “eat” ice cream is scooped into a cup and milk poured over it. (Sometimes topped with PB crunch cereal, its evil) … I kinda eat it with a spoon but end up with chunks at the bottom to eat and a refreshing chocolaty milk to finish it off.

  3. Cindy

    My favorite ice cream is German Chocolate Cake ice cream. It used to be at Leatherby’s, but is no longer. 🙁 My second favorite is Rasberry Cheesecake. (Both hard to find, but well worth the calories if you can!)

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