1. Cindy

    I’m thankful that my husband did a big messy house project that he’s been dreading, it looks great! I’m grateful that I’ve had many Sunday dinners with my daughter and her family ever since she started a family. (They are soon leaving the state.) And I’m grateful we were able to see your beautiful new home and share those sunsets with you. XOX

  2. Hi Christie, it has been a great month for me too. I am thankful for cooler temperatures and low humidity! It makes such a difference in the way I feel. Love the sunset photos and those awesome nails!.

  3. What a lovely thought from your husband to give you flowers for your blogaversary – he’s definitely a keeper. Thanks for the wonderful prize I won – spending it on Kindle books! And thanks for sharing your happy moments with us – I love end of the month wrap ups that give little insights into other blogger’s lives xx

    • Hello Leanne! I enjoy the end-of-the-month wrap-ups too. It makes me feel like I know my online friends a little better. I’m glad you are enjoying the Kindle books. I appreciate so much your support of my blog over the years. And you are right, Larry’s a keeper. Here’s to a joyful November!

      • They are so hardy, you can’t kill them! We had some dozer work done here on our property. Some of the yuccas had to be removed so the dozer guy moved them and put them put them over to the side thinking we might want to replant them. Well, we were gone on a two week vacation when he did that. After we got back there were more pressing things to do and we didn’t get to the plants. Lo and behold when we finally did decide to replant them or see if we could, they’d already taken root and were growing where he piled them up!!

  4. I was super excited when I got the news & had won a prize in your drawing. I love the collapsible water bottle. I enjoyed all these pictures in this post. Thank You! As I write this, I’m grateful for: 1. – a warm house, we’ve had snow & cold temperatures. 2. – soft comfy recliner couch to prop my aching legs up for a bit. 3. my computer so I can read blogs & write letters to the Grands.

    • Hello Karen. It was fun trying to pick something personal for people I only know (for the most part) through blogging. I’m glad you like your gift. I too am grateful for a warm house, a comfy couch, and a computer. These will all be increasingly important as we get into winter! And coffee and a hot shower to the list, and I’m in heaven. Enjoy!

    • Thank you Donna. It is so important to stay in tune to the pleasant things that surround us. As we close in on a contentious election day in the U.S., I’ll be relying even more on my gratitude and loving kindness practices. I’m thinking of taking a social media break for the month of November to aid in filtering out the negativity that is sure to erupt, no matter who wins the presidential race. Wish me luck!

  5. Love that outdoor art! I started exploring things in Florida but Tim & I can’t seem to agree on what we want on the new garage wall that faces the house! We will continue to look until we find something we both like… it’s a big wall and needs some big art.

    I had lots to be grateful for in October myself and it’s hard to limit it to 3… but my top ones would probably be … 1) feeling a sense of belonging at the Florida Book Club meetings I was able to attend, 2) beach yoga… cause you really cannot beat those two things combined, and 3) the Sunday bike ride and lunch out (outdoors) we spontaneously did. Thinking about those 3 things puts a big smile on my face. Thank you for making me recall them!

    • Hello Pat. It has been an adventure for us too decorating the house and thinking about how to landscape the backyard. Hopefully, you and Tim will find the perfect wall ornament for the garage. Who wouldn’t love beach yoga? It sounds divine. Also, I’m happy for you that you found a comfortable place in the Florida Book Club. Good luck with all things new-house related and life in general. Enjoy the ride!

  6. Three good things in October: Spirit Week at my mom’s assisted living community; the stray kitty, Fluffy, trusting us more; the osteopath has been able to make PC’s back more comfortable.

    Warm homemade bread…YES!! Been eyeing a bread machine. But should I eat the carbs? They are so delicious, though!!

    The rays in the second photo of that breath-taking sunset series look just like the way we teach children to draw the sun…with rays sticking out from it in all directions. Amazing capture.

    Yay for new friends, for making your house feel more like home. For a husband who celebrates your blog anniversary…with FLOWERS!!! Great month.

    • Those are three good things, Leslie. I hope PC’s back continues to improve. Back pain is such a difficult thing to deal with.

      I really did have a good month–and the people in my life made it that way. I am blessed.

  7. Hi Christie, Flowers, Food, Good wishes, a wonderful blogging birthday. I love the smiles in the group photo. And, yes, Mother Nature rarely disappoints. I can (almost) smell the warm bread. My gratitude list is infinite……where to start? Watched the original Heidi movie with my granddaughters. Loved it! Thank you for sharing a beautiful post.

    • Thank you Erica. It has been a lovely month with much to be grateful for. Watching Heidi with the granddaughters sounds like a lot of fun. Happy to hear that your gratitude list is infinite. May that continue.

  8. This is such a lovely and heartwarming post! Loved the flowers! Mother Nature is amazing! Thanks for popping over to my space – sorry it’s taken me a while to get here. Hope you have a fabulous November ahead!

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