1. Hi Christie, reading, cooking, exercise, and planning Christmas experiences all sound wonderfully balanced. Having the added bonus of cooler temperatures amps the joy factor for sure. Congratulations for having selected a lot for your new home. The next few months will be an exciting time for you.

    Thanks for sharing your Fall update. I’ll have an October recap on the Blog soon.

  2. Wow, Christie! You are really doing some exciting things this fall through your bucket list! Especially finding and purchasing a lot and already arranging to meet with a builder! Sounds like you’re working steadily toward completing your Transformation Challenge. My home studio only does that challenge near the beginning of the year. I think from late January to mid-March. Your Halloween puzzle looks like a fun one to put together. We usually have a puzzle out during the Christmas season, but a Halloween one would be cool, too. I enjoyed watching your video! You having such a calming presence, and you’re spot on about music. I would love to hear what your families are choosing for their experiences. Maybe you’ll share that when the time is right. ? Enjoy your pedicure next Saturday, and thanks for hosting the link-up!

    • Hello Gale. It has indeed been a busy, and exciting, month…with more to come. My OT studio always had the transformation challenge in January as well. This is a first. It’s probably a good thing, as it has kept me going to the gym even though it has been such a busy time. Thank you for the kind words on my videos. This is still all new to me, and I’m working through the kinks, but I have enjoyed the process. It’s nice to hear that others are the enjoying the end result. Assuming none of the families ask me to surprise them with their experience gifts, I will reveal the choices in one of my next updates.

  3. Congrats on picking a lot and putting money down on your winter home- that’s so exciting! I always find that building out space to do a puzzle is always the hardest part of completing one since I’m not the fastest, but I do enjoy putting them together! Good luck with your goals, and thanks for hosting!

    • Thanks Dani. I have the same challenge with puzzles. I originally set this one up in our main living room, but it was in the way. Luckily I have it on a puzzle board, so I was able to move it. First, I confess, I moved it under the bed and forgot about it for a full year. Then I pulled it back out and put it downstairs in the family room. I don’t see it as often as I would upstairs, but I can keep it out without bothering anyone, and when I go down to work on it, I can focus more. So far, it’s working out.

  4. There are so many wonderful gems in this post, Christie. I Am now inspired to make pumpkin soup. And your Christmas gift giving strategy- I love it!

  5. Hope you will share what kinds of memory-making experiences your families requested in lieu of Christmas gifts. I really want to encourage our gang to do that, too. Maybe buy one very special gift for the children or books or an outfit. And then make some memories. I read on a blog post this week that children don’t really remember activities much before the ages of 5 or 6. But one way to try to ensure that they will remember a special time is to discuss it before, during and after, at some length for some time. I want my grands to remember so I am going to put this into practice.

    I just realized we have an Orangetheory studio/gym? here. I don’t really know much about it and probably right now isn’t the time for me to explore it but will be anxious to learn more through you gals.

    Yay for getting out your puzzle. Do you work it alone or does your hubs help? PC isn’t interested in working them with me but I think it would be such a nice FREE activity for us to do together. Might try one more time. I need to quit buying ambitious 1000 piece puzzles and get a kindergarten 100 LARGE piece puzzle.

    The view from your lot is lovely. How quickly will it become home? Will this put you closer to family? I hope so.

    Your pedicure sounds scrumptious. I thought you would be drinking the toddy but you soak in it!! What color polish did you select?

    Thank you, sweet friend, for my treats from Amazon. Will transfer my things into my new clutch this weekend and will begin my new gratitude journal on November 1. Thank you for brightening my day and warming my heart.

    • That is very good memory-making advice, Leslie. When we took our Mexico trip with the children and grandchildren (which of course was a big adventure), I set up a Facebook group a year ahead of time. We used it to give important updates and reminders, but also just to build excitement, posting facts and pics of the area we would be staying, Spanish phrases, and things like that. Afterwards, we shared our stories and pictures over and over again. It’s an experience I don’t think any of us will ever forget.

      When the time is right, I would definitely recommend trying Orangetheory. It’s a great mix of cardio and strength with the enthusiasm of a class and the advice of a coach.

      My husband isn’t much into puzzles either, though he has put in a few pieces. I’m with you–I went to ambitious on this puzzle. I did a 500-piece at the cabin, and it was challenging but doable. This Halloween one is tough!

      The Southern Utah home should be ready by May or June. It’s actually a little further from family, but will be a winter home that we are hoping the children will want to visit often in the cold, snowy winters, as it’s much warmer down there.

      The pedicure is scheduled for this Saturday, so I’m sure there will be pics and details for the next update.

      And finally, you are so welcome for the Amazon treats. Enjoy! I’m glad I could bring a little sunshine your way!

  6. I don’t have a fall bucket list, but I love this idea! And you really are an overachiever! I guess it make you more accountable as well when you write them down and post them. And congrats on the lot! How exciting! I can’t wait to see how it all progresses. #MSTL

    • The seasonal bucket lists have been great for me, Theresa. I try to choose things that have an element of excitement or fun in them, as well as things I’d like to accomplish. Writing them down and making them public does create accountability. You should join us for the winter bucket lists. Leslie does a great job of organizing it and provides the code for the link-up. In the meantime, have a happy fall!

  7. Exciting stuff with the land bought and a house soon to be underway Christie – I bet you have a million things running through your mind atm as you plan it and prepare to commit. I also like the idea of “experience” presents – we’ve done that with our granddaughter – with a family pass to the Aquarium for her 2nd birthday and her aunty buys them a family zoo pass each year – which is a great idea too. This Christmas we’re not doing presents (except for the grandgirls) and it’s SUCH a relief to not worry about it all and just focus on the time together.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

    • Hello Leanne. It is exciting and, as you may imagine, a little stressful trying to get all the paperwork done and make all the decisions that come along with a new home. When we have someplace a little warmer to go in the cold Utah winters, I know we will be glad! Also, it’s the first time since my childhood that I’ve had a brand new home, so that’s pretty cool. As far as Christmas gifts, we’ve cut way back over the years, except for our own children and grandchildren. My extended family does a name draw, and we buy a little something for our mothers, but other than that we’ve quit buying for friends, neighbors, coworkers. It just got too crazy. Christmas, as you said, should be about time together and enjoying the food, lights, music–not so much running around trying to figure out what someone would like for a gift and how much to spend. It was a more difficult transition for my husband, who felt uncomfortable if one of our neighbors, for example, brought us a small gift and we had nothing in return. Now we just smile and give a warm thank you. To my knowledge, no one has been offended. They’re still our friends. Thanks, as always, for hosting #MLSTL. Enjoy your week!

  8. I am enjoying your Monday videos Christie! You bucket list is full of great ideas and well done on not only checking out a spot for your winter house but going ahead and buying something, that’s fabulous! Enjoy your autumn weather as we enjoy spring down here #mlstl

    • Thanks Deb! Building a house is a big decision, but my husband and I both felt it was the place for us, so we took a leap of faith. I mean obviously, we had discussed it and were planning eventually to buy a place in that area, but we had no idea we would be doing it so soon. It just felt right.

      While I love fall, we’ve had a cold snap here, reminding me that winter (which I do not love so much) is right around the corner. Now I’m jealous of your spring. 🙂 Actually, I am going to work on finding more joy this winter. No sense in being out of sorts three months of every year.

  9. Because of you and another friend, I’m “scheduled” to check out the local OrangeTheory next week. I’m hoping to commit to doing it for one month and see if I like it. I’ve lost my Zumba class (instructor decided to stop teaching because of her own schedule challenges), so I need a cardio replacement. And strength training is always good. I’ve never been a go-to-the-gym girl, but am using the “try something for a month” approach. A few years ago I did that approach with yoga and got hooked. I’ll let you know how it goes….

    • I’m eager to hear what you think, Pat. I like the approach of committing for a month. By then, you’ll feel pretty comfortable with how it all I works, and you’ll have a chance to try a few different coaches. Good luck!

  10. Hi Christie, I love your Fall bucket list, and you’ve accomplished so much! Making the commitment to the purchase of a lot for a future home is huge, and so exciting! The holiday experience giving is unique and I’m sure will create lasting memories for your family. Oh, and the pumpkin soup looks delicious! #MLSTL

  11. Today as I read this Christie, we are expecting temp to reach 38C. Very hot, so fall is the last thing on my mind. But I did enjoy your fall bucket list and your exciting house news. Good luck with the second half of your Orange Challenge #MLSTL Sharing

    • I was born and raised in Utah, Amy. We live in the Salt Lake City area, and it is beautiful, but too cold in the winter. So we decided we wanted a warmer option for those months. It’s amazing how different the geography is too. The variety will be nice.

  12. Hi Christie, I have never thought about making pumpkin soup. I love the addition of avocado. You also remind me how our family should get into a puzzle. A fun, family, cold weather activity:)

    I have been listening to Marie Forleo on recent podcasts. Genuine and doable gems.

    Experiences versus things a great idea, always. A great post, Christie, giving me food for thought on approaching my Fall. #MLSTL and shared SM

    • Thanks Erica. The soup really was good. I’ll probably make it again before the cold season is over. Soup and puzzles are both good for those cold winter months. Whatever you are doing this week, I hope you are enjoying it!

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