1. Smiled all the way through!! You look lovely in your pjs and your bedroom is a restful retreat. Love the colors. Great tips. I am struggling with the stick to the same or similar schedule every night/morning. Harder now because I don’t work most days and PC is working from home. So what used to be our routine, has fallen by the wayside. Good idea to give myself an hour leeway either way. And I have to unplug earlier. One of my wellness Wednesday goals.

    • Ah, thanks Leslie. Screen time in the evening is one of my struggles too. Hubby and I like to watch TV right before we get ready for bed. We did at least move the television out of our room several years ago. As for the videos, I just bought a microphone. I realized my voice is a lot softer than all the other videos I’ve watched. I don’t want people to have to strain to hear what I’m saying–or just give up. Anyway, that’s my newest upgrade to the vlogging.

  2. Hi Christie, it’s so nice to hear and see you! I’ve had sleeping problems for years, and nothing seemed to work for me in the past. But sometime this year things changed (I don’t know what, it’s just some magic) and I’ve been sleeping better. But, I agree with everything you said – and my husband is kind enough to sleep in the living room if he’s in the mood to snore loudly (it’s not often!). I open the bedroom window for some fresh and cool air (even in Moscow when it’s below zero!), and I know that if I have a cup of tea after 5.00pm I’m going to still be wide awake in bed at 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning. I also read, a real book, for half an hour or more before sleeping. So, I am actually proof that your tips are valid and worth trying! Thanks for sharing, I hope someone benefits from your very useful advice! Have a lovely week, and a happy Monday! 🙂

    • Thank you, Cheryl, for taking the time to watch my video and for sharing your personal experience. I’m glad your sleep has improved. Few things are as frustrating as lying in bed wishing you were asleep. It sounds like you have excellent sleep hygiene, as they say. Sweet dreams!

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