1. With gift thoughts what we do in our family for the women is we draw names each Christmas then make a basket for that person. I know you are looking for experience gifts but that is not something I have ideas for. lol I have no bucket list. Right now I am trying to learn to live on my own again.

    • Sometimes survival is enough of a bucket list, Victoria. Of course, you could create a bucket list of self-care items, just to make sure you’re pampering yourself a little. I like the gift basket idea. I could even fill a basket with things to do.

    • Thanks! I would definitely recommend a site audit. I learned so much and significantly improved the speed and security of my site with my first audit. This follow-up one was less intense, because I was in good shape going into it.

  2. Thank you so much for joining me this season. Fall is my favorite, too. That quote is spot on. While the return of life in spring is pretty amazing, the preparation in fall for winter’s nap is lovely, too. Maybe I am just more drawn to the warm colors of autumn.

    What a fabulous job you did this summer! May have said it before, but your legs look so toned in the photos. They reflect your running and hiking.

    With PC’s job still up in the air, we, too, will be giving experience gifts over the holidays. Thank you for the link to Wellness Mama’s post. Just skimmed over it for now but pinning it for further study as we near Christmas.

    One of my activities is to try new chili recipes. I have one that calls for pumpkin. Will be following along on your pumpkin soup recipes. Had my first bowl of pumpkin soup in Germany and LOVED it. So many spices and flavors. Mmmm.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Leslie. I chose carefully for my summer list, which is half the battle. The wonderful thing about my physical activities is that I love doing them, so the results are like a bonus! I will share my soup results and I’d love it if you’d do the same with your chili. I love fall foods!

  3. Mother of 3

    I’ve ben trying to come up with experience gifts for years but find that they are much more expensive when I have so many people on my Christmas gift list… If you come up with any great ideas I’d love to hear about them! Best of luck on your bucket list and great job completing all your summer items.

  4. Hi, Christie – Congratulations on your 100% list of accomplishments. I greatly admire your diligence and determination. I love your Autumn Bucket List and look forward to following your updates!

  5. Oooh, that hot toddy pedi sounds divine. I’ll have to see if they have a similar one near me, or create my own! I am all about the experience gift giving (and receiving)! Whether it’s a spa day or just mani/pedis, a painting class, or just spending the day together, it creates memories that last forever rather than getting something that the receiver may only enjoy for a short period of time. Good luck on all of your goals!

    • Doesn’t though, Dani? I’m going to call and schedule it tomorrow, so I’ll have something to look forward to. I agree with you about the experience gifts. When the grandchildren were younger, it was fun buying toys and clothes for them. Now it seems they mostly want gift cards anyway, so we may as well give them experiences that they may not otherwise have. Good luck on your list as well. Happy fall!

  6. Hi Christie,
    I love your revision of a Christmas gift strategy. I revised mine…I give experiences or quality childrens’ literature to the little ones. To the adults I make donations in their name to charities that resonate with them.

    • What a great idea, Nancy. That sounds like another revision we might want to make next year. I started doing that a couple of years ago for people at work that I used to buy gifts for, and it went over well.

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