1. I think that it is so important to face your fears (unless, of course, your fears have a good basis in reality… like fear of alligators ?). I grew up riding bicycles so it’s hard to imagine fearing them. I do fear traffic though, so I seldom ride where cars are anywhere around. I’m glad you enjoyed your ride but sorry you got a boo-boo on your knee. I hope it doesn’t impact your run!

    • You don’t want to go swimming with alligators, Janis? 🙂 I did feel proud of myself for doing something that frightened me, but in retrospect 30 miles may have been a bit much. I did have to modify my scheduled 5-mile run to be a long walk. My knee is sore, and I didn’t think it could take the pounding. The walk felt good, though, and I’ll try a shorter run this weekend and see how that goes.

  2. Good for you! I look back at a number of team events through the years that I didn’t participate in and wish I had. OK, some felt too scary at the time and with the testosterone young men each on-upping the other, It was probably the right decision. But, snow shoeing in Switzerland (OK, it was cold and rainy and instead a few of us sat inside at the fire with wine…maybe I don’t regret that) and sand skiing in Dubai (I was worried about not being able to say upright…I’m not a skier!). Yes, I had quite the global team for a few years.

    One thing I did (and made hubby do with me) is a zip-line. Terrified the entire time – there is not a good picture of me because I was afraid to look back at the camera! But glad I did it (and no, never again). I enjoy bike riding, but not sure about 30 miles!

    • Sometimes it’s a hard call, and you’re right about some of the competitive men in the group. That’s why I insisted they go ahead. I didn’t need the audience, and I knew they were eager to get on with one-upping each other. My husband and I also went ziplining. I was very scared at first, but that was one activity I ended up really enjoying.

  3. Hi Christie,

    Congrats on your bike ride. I’ll bet a little-skinned knee was worth it. I recently took my bike out of the rafters and have been riding fairly regularly. It’s fun. And yes, I wrecked too.

    Have fun

    • Yes, Laura, I am glad I faced my fear and rode the bike. I do wish I had maybe made the first ride a little shorter. I’m still recuperating. 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your bike and minimizing the wrecks.

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