1. Cindy

    The only race I’ve ever ran was a 5K, but I hope to run a 10K next. My friends just did a half marathon that you could sign up to walk or run-I liked that idea. Before a long run or walk I always eat a PB&J and a banana. (And of course coffee.) Congrats on your recent half!!

    • Thanks Cindy. You and I are running a 10k for sure. Start thinking about which one. In the meantime, let’s walk/run the trail again. I really enjoyed that. By the way, do you eat wheat bread on your PB&J? I have a hard time with that before a long run–low fiber for me.

      • Cindy

        Funny you ask that, I almost said “on white bread” earlier. I’ve heard simple carbs were best before running. It’s the only time I dip into Mark’s white bread. 🙂

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