1. Cindy

    The highlights of my week were celebrating Heidi’s birthday with 2 of my sisters at The Bayou-yum! And today I went to the movies with my husband. We almost never go to the movies so that in itself was a treat. It was a really good movie, HELL OR HIGH WATER. I would definitely recommend it.

  2. I’m a week behind again but my highlight for that week was hubby getting the cast off his leg. He had been driving my car because his has a clutch — and the cast got in the way! He is happy so I am happy!

    Now about pumpkin scones at Starbuck’s – I like pumpkin and tried one the other day and was really disappointed. Maybe it was stale but it wasn’t tasty and the icing was more like plastic. I need to give them a second chance!

    • It’s true the pumpkin scones are inconsistent. I’ve had some that are much better than others. Plus, there’s some sentiment attached to them for me, so that may make them taste a little better. 🙂 Congratulations to your hubby–and you–on getting the cast removed. I’ve never had one, but it can’t be much fun.

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