1. Fran

    My gratitude list has to do with winter finally letting go in southern Ontario. Now the magnolia flowers are about to burst into bloom; daffodils and hyacinths are blooming; tree buds are opening; willow trees have turned a pale yellow soon to be light green. I love spring!

  2. Did you run downhill or bike? I find that running downhill can be harder on my legs than uphill (although I’m sure I’d need the rescue vehicle for that too). Either way, good on you! I’m grateful for the wonderful weather we are having and the neighborhood Cinco de Mayo get-together we will be going to tomorrow (where I’m sure beer, chips, and guac will be plentiful) 🙂

  3. Cindy

    It looks gorgeous at the cabin! I hope we can visit this summer!

    The highlights of my week we’re watching Hannah’s Spring ice show in Logan and a BBQ at Eric’s. Love this season.

  4. Hi Christie
    I am grateful retirement has allowed me more time to spend with my grandson. I’m also grateful for the longer days, and warmer weather.

    Sounds like your training is paying off. Altitudes really kill me. Have fun

  5. Glad to see you back at Hawkes Landing. It looks like a very peaceful place. I always enjoy reading about it and seeing your photos. I look forward to seeing more in the upcoming months.

    BTW – I think that (whole grain) nachos and spinach dip qualify as a healthy snack. If not, please don’t let me know. I’ll be crushed! 🙂

  6. Wow! What a challenging run/hike. We have a walk on a canyon road that we like to do on weekend mornings. The first quarter mile is straight uphill. It never seems to get easier! And interestingly, it is challenging on the return when we are doing it downhill.

    I am grateful that the depressed mood I was in last night has passed for now. Grateful for dinner on the grill. Dipping my toes in the pool. Upping our exercise game over the last few weeks.


    • I agree that steep downhill can be just as challenging as uphill. I am glad to hear that your mood has lifted, and dinner on the grill sounds heavenly. Have a lovely week!

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