1. Happy Friday to you too, Christie. Spring has finally sprung here too — and quite dramatically. Without exaggeration, I went from wearing my waterproof parka one day to wearing shorts and a light sweatshirt the next. Good luck with your running training. Those speed times sound great to me!

    • Don’t you just love when the weather suddenly turns delightfully warm? It’s such a beautiful time of year. Thanks for the encouragement on my running. At some point, I may reach a place where I don’t feel like I have to justify my speed–but I kind of doubt it. 🙂

  2. Deb Hall

    Sunday was Earth Day and it is a big deal to my grandkids and I. We started the day with grandma teaching/leading guided meditation followed by yoga – all outside. We had a recycling lesson, then we planted outdoor plants with each child having their own brand new pot. We headed inside to play Earth Day jeopardy, then made an earth friendly lunch (no meat and nothing that in any way harms the earth). We went back out to make sand candles, then planted wild flowers, then planted my summer garden. I know it’s early and we may get another frost, but I get extra seeds just in case we lose some. We then headed out all around SugarHouse to gather trash. The kids love Earth Day and it is always filled with earthy activities for us. I’ve been celebrating Earth Day since my kids were small. Loving and honoring the earth and teaching the next generation to do so is what makes me smile. Our generation and those before spent a lifetime being careless and destroying the planet, so teaching the next generation how to repair it seems like the right thing to do and I’ll happily lead that charge. Good luck on your 10K training. Your times look great Christy!

  3. Wow, “graduating” from elementary school, with a cap and gown no less. As I remember, we had a little classroom party on the last day of sixth grade, then we moved on to our new junior high school the next September. Do they actually have elementary school graduation ceremonies nowadays? Tessa looks adorable, btw.

    Happy spring to you… it looks like the weather is finally warming just about everywhere.

    • Good morning Janis! The children don’t actually wear the cap and gown in a ceremony; they’re used for photos only. However, at this school they have activities on the last day of school and then a running of the halls where teachers, parents, and others line the halls, and the “graduates” run out of the school at the end of the day. It’s pretty cool. And yes, the weather is finally warming. Hoorah! Happy spring to you too!

  4. I was glad to see how you are training for your 10K at the end of this post. Do you build up to longer runs? I have never run more than a 5K so wouldn’t know how to push beyond that in training. Wish I could find a 8K to work toward.

    Bravo to your very brave and athletic granddaughter. I had no idea there were girls football teams. Still in the dark ages over here.

    Glad to see spring in your lovely photos. It was long overdue everywhere.

    • Yes, Leslie, I do gradually build mileage. I use training schedules from halhigdon.com. You could probably use the 10k schedule and stop at 8k.

      I didn’t realize there were tackle football leagues for girls either until our granddaughter joined one.

      Happy spring!

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