1. Christie – wow, you were busy this week! Love the hiking you are doing! I was so lazy in comparison. My highlight this week was just being at the beach. Just being there. Some walking, some reading, some watching the waves, some bobbing in the waves, some shelling . OK, I found a really nice shark tooth… maybe that was my highlight – hah.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. You’ve had one busy week. What fun. My highlight might be that I’ve made it through this week with my sanity intact and my sense of humor in high gear. Plus I’ve been doing behind the scenes organizing on my blog + all things associated with it. Not as exciting as your week, but I’m feeling contented about where I’m going with my blog.

    • I can relate to feeling pleasure about behind-the-scenes blog accomplishments. I’ve been working on that lately too. Keep your sanity and your humor is a win for sure! Have a wonderful weekend, Ally!

  3. Time spent with family and friends… it doesn’t get much better than that! I remember work-related moves and the pluses and minuses that went with them. But a two-mile commute and a gym?… yay!

  4. Cindy

    My week was super busy as well. I started with the family BBQ at my house and ended with a three day stay in Eagle Mountain helping Haley with her boys while her hubby was on a buiseness trip. I too was so touched when the whole family lined up to tell mom goodbye.☺️

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