1. Cindy in Nebraska

    Looking forward to:
    1. Planting garden/flowers
    2. Opening up the camper again & getting ready for another fun camping year
    3. Sitting on patio with hubby while he is grilling (may be an adult beverage involved too!)
    4. Seeing our neighbors again!

    Favorite thing:

    What made me smile this week:
    Just knowing spring is around the corner, has made me smile lately…. I AM SOOOO READY!

    • Me too Cindy! All of the things you noted ring true for me too. (Well, we don’t have a camper, but we open the cabin.) I’ve got a pretty serious case of Spring Fever right now.

  2. Fortunately, there is no snow to dig out of where we live. In fact, we have lots of sunshine and
    wear sandals much of the winter. What I’m really hoping for are spring showers since we didn’t have much of the wet stuff the last several months. THAT would make me smile big time!

  3. Thank you for the reminder of Daylight Savings ahead. I always forget….until I am early (or late) for something! I like your focus on hope and optimism….I feel it too!

    • Daylight Saving snuck up on me this year too. Luckily, they sent out a reminder at work. It is a beautiful spring day here. I know winter isn’t quite done with us yet, but I love the sneak peeks at what’s to come.

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