1. Congrats on your blogiversay and thanks for hosting the giveaway. I started blogging as a way to connect with other women my age (50s) as I am no longer able to work due to fibromyalgia and arthritis. I also felt that a blog might help me with being creative.

  2. Happy anniversary tomorrow. Will there be cake? Save me a piece if there is. So proud of your Monday message. Mondays are becoming my favorite day of the week because they represent a return to schedule and routine. While weekends are kind of unplanned and all over the place. Maybe I need to loosen up M-F?

    I started blogging to give myself a reason for getting out of bed. After reluctantly retiring, I didn’t know what I should be doing every day. Blogging gave me a direction.

    Best prize…hmmm, I don’t really remember winning many prizes at all. I did recently win a $30 gift card to Alison & Aubrey jewelry. Holding onto it with uncharacteristic restraint until I find something there I fall head over heels in love with.

    • Hello Leslie. There’s always cake at my house…or cookies…or donuts. Thank you for the encouragement on getting my videos going. I’m working on next Monday’s message now! I’m so glad you decided to blog. If you hadn’t, we probably would never have met! And I definitely wouldn’t be doing my bucket lists, which I love. A jewelry gift cards sounds like a wonderful prize. You’re a smart woman to save it for the perfect item. Good luck on this drawing!

  3. Cindy

    I’ve loved your blog since day one and I enjoyed your video as well. I’m always impressed by everything you do! I love you!

  4. Hi Christie, it was lovely to join you on your video and your deep breath message helped me. This week, Monday was not a good day for me in some ways but in other ways it was good – I had my broken tooth fixed and started feeling like my old self after a pretty hectic month.

    Congratulations on your four year anniversary, your blog is always fun, interesting, informative and a great resource. It’s been fabulous to meet and interact with you over the years.

    I love my blogging journey which has been 7 years or so. I started as a creative outlet and now it is something that is an integral part of me. I have made so many bloggy friends all over the world, you included! Sharing your post because I want to and because it’s #mlstl day 🙂

    • Thank you kindly, Debbie. I have enjoyed my connection with you as well. I had no idea the friends I would make when I started blogging. What a pleasant surprise that has been. I’m not sure if it’s the same way for other generations of bloggers or if it’s more a part of midlife. Whatever it is, I’ll take it. I hope your week continues to be a peaceful one.

  5. Congratulations on blogging for four years, Christie. Mondays have and still aren’t a major for me. I like Mondays due to that day being the start of a new week.

    Have a good week and enjoy the cake 🙂

    • I love hearing that you are energized by the start of a new week, rather than the reverse, Suzanne. So many people wish their lives away waiting for the weekend. I have been guilty of that on occasion. I’m definitely better about it now. Enjoy your week!

  6. Congrats on your anniversary! I didn’t realize we started so close together on this venture. And look at you trying YouTube now!

    I’ve realized that I’m never sure what day it is unless I look at my daily journal. For some reason, today felt like a Saturday. But then I was “no… it’sTuesday!”. Since retirement I have no reason to like or dislike any day…a big change.

    • Thanks Pat! I do seem to remember from last year that our anniversaries were close together. At this point in my life, I cannot imagine not going to work five days a week, but I’d sure like to try it and find out. That said, I do not want to wish my days away waiting for the weekend or these next couple of years waiting for retirement. Thus my recent mindfulness practice.

  7. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. 4 years…Im now just over the 3 year mark. Our blog started when some toffy nose people on our first cruise made us out to be people we weren’t. I love blogging and all the wonderful people I have met over the 3 years such as yourself is one of the best things from this. Best prize….one would have to be a basket of gluten free goodies. whats on my mind…why some people are so fickle…there you have it

    • Hello Bree and thank you! I’m curious now to learn how your blog came out of your interaction with those “taffy nose” people. But I’m glad it did. I couldn’t agree more that the wonderful people are the best part of blogging. Good luck in the drawing!

  8. Congratulations on your four years of blogging, Christie. I greatly enjoy following your posts. I love your positivity, your gratitude and your enthusiasm for life — it is completely contagious. I just watched your Mondays Youtube video and greatly enjoyed it. I look forward to watching more! #MLSTL

    • Hello Donna. Thank you for the kind words. I feel we’ve truly become friends over the past four years. The people, like you, who I’ve connected with are the best part of blogging. Thanks for sticking by me as I learn the ropes–first of blogging, now of videos. Good luck in the drawing!

  9. First off, you are the cutest! Love your first video, it’s just great! And happy anniversary!
    1. I am a blogger and I started because I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed being in my fifties! I was sitting at lunch with my friends and just felt so happy and decided then and there I’d like to start a blog encouraging other women in midlife to maybe get out of their comfort zone and try new things and perhaps travel. I’ve only been blogging since March
    2. Best prize? Gosh, I feel like I haven’t won much. I guess it would be the Coach purse I just won a few months ago from the company I work for.
    3. What’s on my mind? My job, I guess. I’ve been so busy and just now have slowed down a bit. But I need to get going again. Real estate is a job you have to just go, go, go in.
    Looking forward to listening to next Monday’s video!

    • Thank you, Theresa. That is so sweet and just makes my day. First let me say, I didn’t realize you were so new at blogging. You’ve certainly caught on quickly, and I love your motivation for blogging. Isn’t midlife the best! Umm…winning a Coach bag is fabulous! I hope your week is wonderful.

  10. Congratulations Christie on your Blogaversary! Doesn’t time fly! I hope you are having a good celebration. I loved your video – it’s so lovely to see fellow bloggers and hear them speak in real life – in this virtual world we operate in! I started blogging to share the new place we were living in (Western Australia) with friends and family, back in 2009 – things have certainly morphed for me since then. #MLSTL and Pinned

    • Hello Jo and thank you. I agree, I love seeing other bloggers videos and hearing their voices after having read their words for a while. I’m glad you enjoyed it. As far as blogging history, 10 years of blogging is quite an achievement. It seems for many of us, the purpose and content of our blogs change as we do, which is a wonderful thing. Have a lovely week!

  11. Congrats on your blogiversary. I am sure most blogs don’t make it to four years. I also started my blog as a way to express myself and to build relationships with others. It was a way to work through what I wanted to do with my life. I love knowing people from all around the world. Congrats on your first video. It was also nice to hear your voice!

    • Thank you Michele. I was just saying how I enjoy seeing and hearing bloggers after I’ve been reading their written words for awhile. It adds another dimension to the virtual friendship. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and the intent behind it was so similar to mine, I can definitely relate. Have a lovely week!

  12. Yay for 4 years Christie! I’m due for an blogaversary at the beginning of November – I think it must be 5 years for me – need to check (I’m getting old!) Great to see you on the video and to hear you – I always love the different accents when I hear bloggers from other countries. Funny that you talked about appreciating Mondays because I had exactly the same thought this week – I think it’s because I don’t have to associate Monday with going to my soul sucking job anymore – now it’s a joyful day of a new week ahead with no stress. I entered the comp too x
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

    • Hello Leanne and thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the video; thanks for watching it. I always enjoy seeing and hearing bloggers I follow for the first time. I remember being struck by Sue’s accent the first time I watched her video. Of course, I know we have different accents, but I was still caught a little by surprise. Mondays can still be a challenge for me at times–and I like my job. It occurred to me that so many of us just try to get through Mondays, and I don’t want to wish away a day of every week. That inspired my idea for the Happy Monday video series. Good luck in the drawing!

  13. Hi Christie Congratulations on your blogiversary ?? I started blogging mainly to record my fitness adventures but have since added my life adventures to the blog. Looking forward to following your blog into the future. #MLSTL Will share

  14. Happy 4th blog anniversary, Christie! You’ve reached many readers with your message over that time. I loved the video, too,(you’re a natural 🙂 and agree that Mondays should be celebrated, not dreaded. It is a gift, just like every other day we are given. #MLSTL

    • Thank you Candi. I have a lot to learn, but sometimes it’s best to just jump in and learn as you go. That’s what I did with blogging. I made a few mistakes, but I’m still here. 🙂

  15. Congratulations on your 4th blogaversary! I’m so glad you took the chance and created your video. It was awesome. Is it any wonder considering your daughter made such an awesome video too.

  16. Happy anniversary and well done you! I hope you’re enjoying the journey. I enjoy your blog posts – they are always well written and sometimes incredibly well researched. I think I’m going through a bit of a ‘why am I doing this’ phase myself and working out the best way forward. I enjoy the writing but sometimes wonder if blogging is the best vehicle. Hmmmmm. I wonder what will emerge? Sharing

    • Thank you Christine. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog. That’s always nice to hear. I can definitely relate to the “why am I doing this?”. I’ve been there…more than once. Then I regroup, and have always decided I want to continue, sometimes with a little different focus or process. I’m sure you will come to the best answer for you. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

  17. Oooh, I just re-read my comment above and it sounds like it’s suggesting sometimes your posts are really well researched and maybe sometimes they aren’t. Arghhh! I didn’t mean that and I can’t edit. I meant the ones presenting researched findings are really well done. What I was trying to say that your blog is one of my favourites.

    And while I’m here again, I once won tickets to a Queen with Adam Lambert concert which I was very excited about because I’m a crazy mad Queen fan from decades ago, but it was for the next day in Sydney and I couldn’t make it so gave them away. I did get to go anyway with bought tickets, and to make up for it another day I won tickets to the circus and took my granddaughter along. Fun! I aspire to win a European holiday one day ….

    off to check out your video now

    • No worries Christine; I didn’t take it that way. I do appreciate the clarification. My posts are all over the place, so sometimes research is involved, and other times it is just my thoughts on something. It seems that you’ve won a few nice prizes. I bet the person you gave the Queen tickets to was thrilled. My 15-year-old grandson has recently become a big fan of Queen. It’s fun to see him drawn to music that I love. I can’t promise you a European holiday, but good luck in the drawing!

  18. Hi Christie,
    Congrats on 4 years…as a relative newbie – less than a year in, but closing in on my own blogoversary – I so enjoy your posts. I’m a bit scared of the video thing myself, so if you don’t mind I’ll watch you roll out yours and then see. 🙂
    May year 5 bring successful new adventures your way!

    • Thank you Nancy. I’m still a little scared of the video thing too, but decided to take the plunge anyway. I’ll be happy to share lessons learned–which I’m sure will be many!

  19. I have no idea why my comments do such weird things. I’d made some fabulously pithy comment about how Mondays and I get along okay because life’s to short for the alternative. I’d even made some little joke about a meme I love. I’d congratulated yu on the blogaversary & the video and all that saved was my name – which I didn’t type at all! Let’s try again. #MLSTL

  20. Well-done you on the blog’s anniversary AND celebrating with your first video. Go girl.

    I like Mondays much more now I am retired and I think because Monday is the day of my blog link up it helps give me a good reason for welcoming Mondays.

    Thanks for your kind words when you visit on my blog.

    Cheers from Australia!
    Denyse x

    • Thank you Denyse. I forget the link-up is on Monday where it originates. It’s already Tuesday here in the U.S. when #MLSTL goes live. I do enjoy it. I love your blog and the others I have discovered there. I plan to visit Australia one day, once I retire and have more travel time. Perhaps we’ll meet. Until then…cheers from the U.S.! Have a lovely week!

  21. Happy 4th Blogiversary, Christie! I’m going on 10 years now–can’t quite believe that, but then I post about half as much as you, just once a week like clockwork. I don’t know how I could possibly do any more. Keep up the good work! PS Loved the video.

    • That’s amazing Jean–10 years, wow! I have cut back to posting once a week also, except monthly bucket list updates. And now, of course, I’ve added the weekly video, which by the way, I’m so glad you enjoyed. It’s new for me, and I have a lot to learn, but I think I’m going to like it.

  22. Hi Christie,
    As you know, I am coming up on my first blogoversary at the end of October. I began as a way to “keep busy” in my retirement…how silly of me to think that would be a problem! LOL But it has become much more than that. A great, unanticipated gift in this process was learning about and being folded into a great online community of fellow bloggers. I relate to them and learn from them – yourself included.
    Best prize…haven’t really won many…but we did win “Home of the Month” in February in our Lake Placid, FL 55+ community. Came complete with a $25 gift card to Publix.

    • It seems the reasons we blog change over time, but one thing is constant–the connections we enjoy. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you, Nancy, through your blog and your comments on mine and others. Home of the Month sounds like a marvelous recognition. Now I wish I could see your home. And you really can’t be mad about a $25 gift card to Publix, right? Thanks for sharing your experiences here. Good luck in the drawing!

  23. Congratulations on your blogiversary? I started blogging 12 years ago to keep me on track in becoming debt-free. Once I did that, I changed blog focus but am still writing. It’s nice to have an outlet.

  24. Wow! 4 years! I don’t even have ONE year under my belt yet. CONGRATULATIONS! I started blogging mainly just as an outlet for expressing my thoughts and life experiences. Just in the short time that I’ve been doing it, I’ve found it very rewarding. Your blog is one that is on my list of blogs to read on a regular basis. You are an inspiration! Thank you!

    • Thank you for those kind words, Gale. I love writing and connecting with others. To hear that I also provide inspiration to someone makes my heart swell. I find it hard to believe that you’ve been blogging such a short time. You seem to have picked it up quickly! Good luck in the drawing!

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