1. I hope the weather cooperates for you soon! I think you’re off to a really good start though; it’s only been one month! I’m hoping to buckle down and get some of my writing goals going.


  2. As you know, I don’t do bucket lists but I wish you well with yours. Trees blooming, green grass, and blossoming flowers definitely means spring is here and one step closer to summer! I’ll take summer and spring over fall and winter any day 🙂

  3. Wow, Christie, you are doing great with your list! I also tried your mindful speech challenge one day and failed. I only consciously noticed one slip, but there could have been others I just wasn’t aware of. I, too, will have to try again. I still think it’s a great concept!

    I got excited for your trip to Mazatlan just reading about the plans you made! You must really be looking forward to that.

    Enjoyed your update!

    • Thanks Gale. We are very excited for the trip. We just got all our seat assignments for the flights, so it’s getting real! As for the mindful speech practice, I tried again yesterday, and did catch myself speaking of others who weren’t present at least five times–once in a way that might be considered negative. So I’ll keep trying. I guess that’s why they call it practice. Some have asked me why I try not to even say nice things about people who aren’t present. I only do that for the challenge to make myself more aware. I’m not opposed in general to sharing positive comments about others.

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