1. I am thankful for air conditioning. I am thankful for strawberries. I am thankful for Birkenstock sandals. I am thankful for sunflowers. I am thankful for cold, cold water to drink.

  2. Hi Christie – nice to share all your happy pics – I especially loved the one of the dogs all looking so hopefully at those treats. It’s always really good when a group of dogs get on well and enjoy visiting with each other as much as their “parents” do.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the happy pics, Leanne. Those dogs were so cute together…though I admit I was a little nervous with all the wrestling and nipping, but no one got hurt and they all went home friends.

  3. Cindy

    Thank YOU for the walk and talk. Those veggies look really good.

    I’m grateful this week for a family party and that we were all able to get together again. I’m also grateful that summer school has ended and I’m really on break now!!

    • The party was so much fun. If only I’d remembered to take pictures, it would have been featured in my post. 😊 I’m grateful that we were able to come together without masks and hug each other once again. Thanks for hosting this gathering each year. Savor the summer break!

    • They really were, Janis, especially considering how rambunctious they were just a few minutes before she pulled out the treats. And the veggies turned out delicious. I will definitely do that again. I hope you are enjoying your week!

  4. When we lived in Panama, the people intentionally burned away the sugar cane and rain forest jungle each year. It was amazing to see what would grow back. Not sure intentional burning is a very good idea but they really had few resources as alternatives. Lovely to see life there again after devastation.

    Darling cactus and planter. My cactus outside is so happy that we have had rain! Even desert plants need a drink now and then. It is about to bloom in two places.

    What a special friend to have treats for all the pups. That’s my kind of person.

    • Hello Leslie! We’ve had rain this past week too. It was so refreshing. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed it. I know we need it. We’re so dry around here, we’ve already had several wild fires. I love cactus and other desert plants. That’s been one of my biggest joys about going back and forth between climates…the change in scenery. Both are beautiful in different ways.

      And yes, all the pups got spoiled that day.

  5. Hi Christie, Your beautiful post brings much needed gratitude and optimism. I wholeheartedly agree “…appreciate the small miracles that happen every day.” A nice touch, the custom painted pot. “…rebirth after destruction…” I am a huge fan of roasted veggies. I am grateful for you, Christie. You always make a difference. ❤️

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