1. Fran

    I once had to write a short story for my writing class and time was closing in on me. I decided to write about the writer’s block I was experiencing. This morphed into the onslaught of flies we were experiencing in our house late in the summer. It is one of my favourite stories and my classmates really enjoyed it too. Generally, when I am having trouble writing, I simply write with the idea of going back later to salvage the worthwhile thoughts. Usually, this works for me.

    • Great advice Fran. I love the idea of just free-thought writing without concern for where it’s going or whether it’s “good” as a way to break through writer’s block and possibly find a favorite story.

  2. Christie, Enjoy your time away. I’ve never re-posted anything… but that in itself is a great way to manage writer’s block! If you can’t say anything new, say something old (and meaningful) again. I think I’m keep this in mind the next time I’m struggling for a post topic! LOL.

  3. Christie i do occasionally get writers block. I used to panic about thinking it meant the end of blogging for me. Until I realised panic was not helping the blockage. So these days I know that when I go for a quiet walk, a topic (often many) will pop into my head. I think the key is just to be with it and not stress, knowing that it will pass

    • Great advice Jennifer. If we can look at everything with curiosity, rather than stress or trying to force things, most things resolve themselves–and we’re a lot happier in the process.

  4. Christie, this is so true! It seems like for me either the creative ideas are flowing freely or they’re all dried up. There’s not much in between. I like the idea of taking time to fill yourself back up. Thank you for sharing at #BloggjngGranfmdmitgersLinkParty.

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