1. This is an awesome post, Leslie. A great way to begin my morning! It made me smile and you know you have encouraged many High 5s this morning. Now that should put a smile on your face.😀 I am all for whatever works….even if it looks a bit crazy.

  2. Cindy

    Oh I love this! Something I can commit to with no hesitation and I’m pretty sure I’ll succeed.
    The last time I’ve high-fived anyone was a student at school. Sometimes when I have a small group who is doing well I tell them to all put a hand up and I go around and high-five each of them. They love it and I missed it during Covid. 🖐

    • I know you’ve got this, Cindy! The last time I high-fived someone was the lady next to me at the gym, after completing a really tough workout. When we did that, I realized it had been a long time since the last high five. Here’s to many more in the coming year…starting with yourself!

  3. Do you have any confidence-building tips for us? The idea that has helped me feel more confident is: a good enough something is better than a perfect nothing. By keeping that thought in mind, I try more things now, not hung up on perfectionism.

    When was the last time you high-fived someone? What was it for? I high-fived my husband after we got all our stones placed out in the garden.

    What else is on your mind? Anything at all; I just love hearing from you. My mind is rather blank today, the sky is blue, the temps are comfortable, and I’m ready to just be.

    • Hi Ally! I love the idea of keeping in mind good enough is better than perfect nothing. Congratulations on getting the stones placed in your garden. It sounds like a beautiful day. I hope you were able to just be and enjoy it.

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